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About Heidi Swapp Letterboard

We are so excited about the Heidi Swapp Letterboard collection and you will love all its many applications, so much so that you may even buy one for home and one for work. You can put any message you want on your Letterboard frame and add little accents with icons and other fun, decorative elements. Letterboard supplies include:

  • Frames - pick a size that fits your needs and get going!
  • Icon sets - there are emojis, arrows, and all kinds of images and symbols.
  • Word sets - the word kits come in handwritten cursive and various colors.heidi swapp letterboard completed project
  • Themed kits - some kits are calendar themed, some would be great for a restaurant, etc.
  • Alphabet sets - all kinds of choices in terms of color, font styles, and sizes.

And that's just upon release of the collection. We anticipate that there will be more to come from Heidi Swapp.

How to Letterboard

It's really easy! The frames have small lines across them, which are almost invisible to the eye. It allows you to easily slide in letters, words, and shapes and it makes things easy to align. Here are just a few uses for Heidi Swapp Letterboard supplies:

  • Decorate for a party or event
  • Use it as a family message board in the kitchen
  • Use it as a sign in an office building
  • Salon decor
  • Restaurant decor
  • and so much more!

The beauty of this collection is that you can customize your messaging to match whatever your needs are.

Buy Discount Heidi Swapp Letterboard

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