Heid Swapp Bundles

About Our Exclusive Heidi Swapp Bundles

When it comes to the best deals on all the latest in Heidi Swapp craft products, this is the #1 online destination. CraftDirect.com offers amazing and exclusive Heidi Swapp bundle deals.

The great thing about bundles is that they include various components required for a complete project, and they come in one convenient kit at a low price. The Minc Foil Applicator bundles are all the rage. If you haven't crafted with Minc foil, you don't know what you're missing. And though you can make your own patterns and designs, the Heidi Swapp accessories, like the Butterflies set, and the Flower set, are beautiful, intricate, and worth the money.

If you're the kind of person that likes to make everything and would rather spend time at home crafting than going to the store and purchasing something that is pre-made, then Heidi Swapp crafting products are for you! They let you use your own creativity or existing designs to make your next crafting project stand out from all the rest. Whether you are making something for someone else or you are creating your own craft project, chances are that Heidi Swapp products will help you along your way! They are perfect for making greeting cards, decorations for the home (both every day decorations and holiday decorations), and for making your scrapbook fun and vibrant!

Minc Machine Bundles

The Minc machine allows you to add foil finishes to all of your crafting and scrapbooking projects! Along with the Minc reactive foil, you can use your own designs or existing Heidi Swapp products to create embellishments, custom cards, page layouts and more! We have the bundle you need here at CraftDirect.com to get you started with the Minc machine and to add the extra glimmer you want for your projects! Create your own bows for simple gifts for birthday parties up to something elegant for a wedding or anniversary gift! With all the available designs and bundles that you can purchase, the possibilities are endless!

About Heidi Swapp

Scrapbooking isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle, according to Heidi Swapp. She is known for her trend setting product ideas, fanciful handwriting, and innovative style. Heidi has scrapbooking on her mind all the time and looks for opportunities every day to tell stories. It is her passion to capture memories and then using bows, color, flowers, glitter, ribbons, ruffles. sprinkling them (memories) with fabulous. It is her goal to help other crafters by inspiring and encouraging them to tell their own story in a creative way! She has designed the Minc, Memory Planners, and many other products that make your crafting projects stylish and gives you the ability to create something unique with your own designs!

Heidi Swapp Bundles for All Seasons and Purposes

When you are working on your regular crafting projects to decorate your home, making gifts for friends, scrapbooking, or other activities, craft in style and get the materials you need with our custom Heidi Swapp bundles. Use these bundles to decorate your home for every season. Make your own foil fall leaves to help your home inviting for Halloween and Thanksgiving or to just celebrate the harvest months! Bring your home and windows to life with snowflakes, holiday ornaments, or snowmen during the winter months!

Celebrate spring with flowers, birds, or anything else that makes it feel like the season! Sunglasses, swimsuit designs, and more can make your home feel like summer while using stars and other symbols to celebrate the summer holidays! Use shamrocks with green foil for St. Patrick's Day, red foil with hearts for Valentine's Day, and anything else your mind can imagine! Whatever you decide, you will save on all Heidi Swapp bundles here at CraftDirect.com.

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