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About Crafternoon by Hazel & Ruby

We are proud to present this new collection of unique craft kits, and they really are unlike anything else we carry at CraftDirect. Hazel and Ruby supplies make it easy and fun to create crocheted projects, needlepoint, watercolor art, and much more.

Don't be intimidated if you don't think of yourself as a skilled seamstress, crocheter, etc. because the sets include stencils, templates, and other accessories that really make the patterns easy to follow, regardless of your aptitude.

Save with Craftdirect.com and get the best that the Hazel & Ruby Crafternoon collection has to offer. You can make incredible gifts for others or home decorations for your living room with these wonderful kits.

Creating with the Crafternoon Collection

At CraftDirect we love the Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Collection and all the fun things you can create with it. The creators of this great line designed this product with you the user in mind. They have a large selection of craft projects to choose from. It doesn't matter whether you are into party planning, making home decor or even sewing, there is something for everyone when it comes to creating with the Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Collection.

As your browse our website you will discover pages and pages of unique projects to choose from. Here are some of the great ways crafters are using these products.

  • To Decorate the Home - Hazel & Ruby offer a lot of great home decor packages. You can use their various kits to create your own chalkboard signs to hang around the house, coasters to put your drinks on and even iron on pillow designs.
  • To Decorate for Parties - You can use these trendy kits for all your party decorating needs. You will love the look the Hazel and Ruby banners give your parties. You will also love the Crepe Flower Papers that work perfectly as a table centerpiece at your parties. Decorating for any celebration just got easier with the help of Hazel & Ruby.
  • To Add Style to their Wardrobe - Have you ever wanted to kick your style up a notch? Now with the help of Hazel and Ruby you can add flowers to your flip flops, make your own scarves and even iron beautiful sayings to your tote bags.
  • To Make Homemade Gifts - It doesn't matter whether it's a Birthday, Christmas or some other Holiday coming up, you can use this line of products to create beautiful gifts for your friends and loved ones. The felt flower headbands are a popular gift for baby showers and child birthday parties. The crochet bracelet also works as another great gift. As your browse through our pages of products you will find many personable gifts you can make for your loved ones.

Buy Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Online

At CraftDirect when it comes to creating we don't mess around. Our popular Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon collection is just what you need to get you out of your crafting slump. Check out our website to discover a new selection of craft projects you have never seen before. We have other brands for DIY craft kits, too.

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