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  1. Cricut 6x12 cutting mat
    Cricut Cutting Mat (6"x12")
    Price: $7.95
  2. StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mats (12 x 12) - Cricut
    StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mats (12 x 12) - Cricut
    Regular Price: $14.99 Special Price: $12.74
  3. Cricut Imagine Style Cutting Mat (12x12) by Cgull
    Cutting Mat for Cricut Imagine (12 x 12) - CGull
    Regular Price: $12.99 Special Price: $8.25
    Out of stock
  4. Cricut Style Cutting Mat CGull
    Cutting Mat for Cricut Machines (12 x 12) - CGull
    Regular Price: $10.99 Special Price: $7.14
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About Cricut Mats

If you use Provo Craft products, chances are you know what to expect in terms of quality from Cricut mats. They're amazing! They are one of the most essential accessories for working with Cricut machines. In order to ensure that you are getting the best cut, use a fresh, self-healing cutting mat.

Some mats are more "sticky" than other. Some are better for cardstock, others light weight vinyl, and others chipboard (try StrongGrip). A Cricut mat is useful because it keeps your Cricut material flat so that it does not move as the machine cuts out your designs.

At, our Cricut mats come in a variety of sizes (though some may be discontinued and no longer available). If you are using the Personal Cricut (original) or the Cricut Create you will need to use the Cricut 6" x 12" cutting mat, while the Cricut Mini uses the 8.5" x 12". If you have the Expression or the Expression 2, you can use the 12" x 12" cutting mat or the 12" x 24", depending on your project. Make sure you get the right adhesive cutting mat if you're working with the newer Explore system.

Types of Cricut Self-Healing Mats

Cricut has made different types of cutting mats in terms of grip. We carry all their most popular mats and even some hard to find ones.

  • StandardGrip - Comes in 6" x 12", 12" x 12", and 12" x 24" sizes and is ideal for medium-weight materials, like Cricut cardstock.
  • StrongGrip - This type is intended for heavier materials, like chipboard, fabric, etc. and you can get it in 12" x 12" and 12" x 24" sizes.
  • LightGrip - This type of grip is ideal for working with lightweight material, like regular paper, vellum, etc. It also comes in two sizes: 12" x 12" and 12" x 24".

Tips for Usage

  • Don't just use the corner of your Cricut cutting mat; you can place your paper anywhere on the mat, and then moving your cutting blade.
  • Align your Cricut cutting mat to the left side with the flat edge, this allows your mat to load straighter.
  • Use a baby wipe over the mat to remove dust and small partials of paper. This also restores some of the tackiness to your cutting mat.
  • When cutting a 3" x 3" or smaller piece of paper use a newer or tackier mat, to insure it holds your paper down.
  • Always replace the transparent cover when you are not using the mat, it helps keep dust and other particles from adhering to your mat.
  • Rotate through a couple mats at a time; don't use the same one all the time.
  • Label the top of your transparent cover; although they look the same, the back side of the cover will remove some of the tackiness on your Cricut cutting mats.

Cricut Mats on Sale

Browse through our inventory and buy Cricut mats cheap, and get to crafting in no time with our fast shipping options. It can be overwhelming to navigate through the hundreds of discount Cricut accessories we carry. Contact us if you have any trouble locating the right products. If you don't find the craft mat you need, keep in mind we carry other brands and great deals.

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