Cricut Iron-on

About Cricut Iron-on Material

If you like to do projects with Provo Craft, then you have got to try Cricut Iron-on material. It's amazing heat transfer paper for working with fabric. It makes designing your own customized t-shirts a breeze. We carry both Iron-on Lite and Iron-on Glitter, which is what you'd expect from us, having a reputation for always offering a huge selection of discount Cricut material.

You can use this material to decorate canvas bags, pillow cases, jean jackets, t-shirts, curtains, blankets, and whatever else your creative mind comes up with.

You will love getting creative with your Cricut machine and putting it to work on fabric projects. It's amazing what you can do with this material.

How to Use Cricut Iron-On

You can get a better explanation from our much more detailed Cricut Iron-on Tutorial, but here are the basic steps:

  • Step 1: cut your heat transfer material using a machine
  • Step 2: lay your fabric project surface on your ironing board
  • Step 3: remove your Iron-on from your cutting mat
  • Step 4: place the transfer design-side down on the fabric
  • Step 5: use an iron to press the material to the fabric
  • Step 6: wait for the image to cool off
  • Step 7: remove the backing from the transfer paper.

Pro tip: wash fabrics on gentle to help preserve your creation.

Buy Cricut Iron-on Material Online

This material is made with quality manufacturing and if taken care of, your design will last on your clothing and fabric for a long time to come. We have other options for heat transfer material, if you don't find what you're looking for here.