Cuttlebug Quilling Kits

About Cuttlebug Quilling Kits

They've done it again - Cricut has brought great innovation to the industry with these amazing Cuttlebug Quilling kits. Use them to make intricate paper flowers! The Cuttlebug is a great addition to any crafter's personal library.

Each of these quilling kits comes with dies that create petals, a variety of dies to make a center, and one die for the leaves. The kits also contain a special quilling tool, wire to make flower stems, and a sample paper flower. A very basic instruction sheet is included in each kit as well.

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What is Paper Quilling?

It's an artistic form of crafting involving paper strips that are glued together in various shapes and designs. Before you make a purchase, do a little research to find out which paper quilling supplies will best suit your needs.

Things to Know Before Getting Started:

Each of the petal dies are about 1.5" wide about 10" in length, so you will probably want to purchase the 6 x 13 adapter and spacer plates. The adapter and spacer plates are NOT necessary to use the petal dies; the additional pieces will just allow you to get the full length of the die cut for each of the petals. If you use the 6 x 9 plates that come with the machine you will still be able to use the dies, your flowers may just not be as full or large as they could be with the larger plates. Having the right paper quilling kit will make this all an easier process.

Another tidbit, you will need to cut your paper into 1.5" strips before you can die cut these flowers. Using pieces from your scrap paper stack is perfect for this type of project. If you don’t have any scrap paper pieces, you could always cut a 12" x 12" into smaller strips and make lots of beautiful flowers.

Be patient with your flowers! The first one may be a little challenging and something new for you, so relax and remember no flower is perfect. However your flowers turns out, it will still be beautiful.

Now your paper quilling project is almost complete. Last but not least - get good liquid glue that will hold your paper quickly. Aqua Tombow Glue works well for this.

Once you have made your first flower using this technique you will know if you want a fuller center or fuller petals and then you can add change the style according the next time. Just experiment and play with the technique to make flowers that showcase your own creative designs!

How do I Use the Paper Quilling Kits?

  1. Each of the paper dies are about 1.5" x 10"-12" in length so you will want to cut some scraps of paper to that size
  2. Run each strip through Cuttlebug machine using the various dies. If you want a fuller flower cut multiple pieces of the largest petals.
  3. Next you will want to layer the strips and glue them together, one on top of the other, and stagger them.
  4. Once the glue has dried, use your quilling tool that came with your kit, gently insert one end into the slit on the top of your tool.
  5. With your design turning in, start rolling your paper around the tool. You will want to do this as tight as you can, and you can even put a little bit of glue on the base as you go - to help hold your flower together better. Remember to keep rolling the paper as tight as you can!
  6. When everything is dry, you can gently start pushing your flower petals back to flatten them out.

Save on Cuttlebug Quilling Kits

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