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About Cuttlebug Supplies

At CraftDirect, we carry a large selection of Cuttlebug supplies so that you can get creative with your paper projects. The right accessories will help your creative juices to flow. Save on the best craft products, including cut and emboss supplies from Cricut.cuttlebug supplies mint machine

  • Cuttlebug machine
  • Cuttlebug accessories - plate adapters and rubber mats
  • Cuttlebug folders
  • Cuttlebug dies die sets, die/emboss combos

If you don't find what you need here, we have a large selection of Cricut accessories.

Cricut Cuttlebug Machines, Folders, Dies

Cricut makes amazing die sets, folders, quilling kits, and much more so that you can make your own embellishments, designs, and patterns in all of your paper projects. The possibilities are endless. Get the die-cut and emboss combos for coordinated, texturized shapes. There are a few things you should know about operating your Cuttlebug:

What is a Cuttlebug Machine?

A Cuttlebug is a device that manually cuts and embosses beautiful designs and fonts for all your craft project needs. It's lightweight, easy to carry around, and very versatile. Cuttlebug machines can add designs to your homemade cards, cutouts to your scrapbook pages, and create beautiful decorations for around the house. They are just the thing you need to help you with whatever craft projects may come your way.

It is so fun and easy to create with the Cricut Cuttlebug. This manual die-cutting machine makes new potential possible in your projects. It offers an electricity-free option which makes it easy to create with your Cuttlebug wherever you go. Whether you are in a cabin in the middle of nowhere or in your home, the Cuttlebug is just the thing you need to help you with your craft projects.

Creating with Your Cuttlebug

This system offers a lot of project potential. Whether you craft as a profession or a hobby, the Cuttlebug is a great alternative to help you add style and design to your all of your craft projects. Here are some great ways you can use it at home or the office.

  • Homemade Cards - Embossing with the Cuttlebug can be a lot of fun. The embossing feature makes it so you can add beautiful 3D designs to the front of your cards that look like a professional created them. You can also use this machine to cut out images and letters to attach to the front and inside of your cards. There are so many great ways you can use the Cuttlebug to help you with your homemade cards.
  • Scrapbooking - Many crafters spend hundreds of dollars each year on pre-made die cuts. With the Cuttlebug machine, you can make your own unique die cuts for your scrapbook pages. There are so many great options to choose from depending on your personality and needs.
  • Invitations - How many times have you been asked to throw together an invite or an announcement at a second's notice? With the Cuttlebug machine, you can create beautiful invitations for birthday parties, graduation announcements and even weddings. There are so many great ways you can use this machine.

How Do the Adapter Plates Work?

  • Cuttlebug "A" plate - This plate is about 1/2" thick and this plate is what gives your embossing sandwich its bulk. The A plate is used with almost all embossing sandwiches - with the exception of those using the All-in-One embossing folders.
  • Cuttlebug "B" plate - this 6" x 8" spacer is included with your embossing machine. The "B" plate is also available in the 6" x 13" size for larger embossing folders. To emboss you will need two B plates. The B plates are the plates that get worn out and also have die cutting marks etched on them. These plates will also warp after excessive use. Even if the plates do warp, you can still use them! Just flip the plates over and try to use both sides evenly - the plate will straighten out. These plates will also show your die cut marks in them, which is not a problem. You will want to replace these plates if they have seen a lot of use and begin to crack.
  • Cuttlebug "C" plate - comes in two sizes: 6" x 13" and 6" x 8" plates. Adaptor plates are additional Embossing supplies that are great for when you are using other manufacturers embossing folders or dies that are thinner than those made for the Cuttlebug. By adding the C plate to your sandwich you receive the extra height needed so that you can obtain a nice, crisp emboss or die cut. The C plate does not come with the Cuttlebug machine and must be purchased separately.

Creating Your Own Embossing Folders

If you would like to create your own embossing folders you will definitely want to check out the Cricut embossing kits! With this fun embossing tool you can create your own professional, customized embossing folders. Using your Cricut machine and any of your Cricut Cartridges you can design your own embossing folder to give your project a customized look specific to your taste. Each embossing kit comes with one blank embossing folder and one embossing sheet. Additional embossing sheets are sold separately.

Discount Cuttlebug Embossing Supplies

The Cricut Cuttlebug 6" x 9" All-in-One embossing folders are used with all of the Cuttlebug All-in-One embossing dies. This folder comes with a grid of 10 holes by 15 holes that you press your All-in-One dies in to in order to hold them securely in place while you emboss, de-boss or letterpress all of your custom embossing folders. These embossing supplies are required in order to use the All-In-One embossing tool.

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