Cricut Solutions Cartridges

About Cricut Solutions Cartridges

Chances are you know Cricut has a great reputation for simplifying craft projects, and it's no exception with Cricut Solutions cartridges (also referred to as simple cartridges). Get your hands on these classics while supplies last and make great projects with your Cricut machine.

They generally have one or two cuts sometimes a shadow. They do not contain the many creative features like regular shapes cartridges, so you get less, but they are also cheaper to purchase. Cricut cartridges make it easy to celebrate all of your favorite holidays and special occasions.

These amazing cartridges offer you many images that revolve around one specific theme or event, making it easy to create invitations, decor, and more, just for the occasion at hand.

Popular Cricut Solutions Cartridges

Some of our more popular Cricut solutions cartridges include: My Pink Journey, that celebrates breast cancer awareness or December 25th cartridge that celebrates everything for the Christmas season. Other events that Cricut solutions encompass include Halloween, Thanksgiving, sports, vacations, Valentine's and so much more! But while these cartridges are great they are very limited only a limited quantity of these each cartridge is available and some will sell out rather quickly and once they are gone they are gone for good. So if you see one you must have you better snatch it up!

Solutions Features

Cricut solution cartridges were designed to have fewer layers so that you don't have as many layers or little parts to add to them, most of the images are only one or two layers. Creating additional layers is simple and easy to do. You can simply cut out the image more than once and trim off the part you don't want and layer it on top. For example if you are cutting out the heart with an arrow through it from the Victorian romance cartridge and you wanted the heart to be red and the word love to be white and the arrow black just cut out the Love part twice and trim the heart out and throw the rest away.

Most solution cartridges also have some fun and easy to create 3D images on them such as cupcake wrappers, or small boxes making it easy for you to create party favors for your favorite holiday without having to buy a full cartridge. Cricut Seasonal cartridges are loaded with fun images for different seasons throughout the year such as cutting out 3D snowflakes that make the perfect holiday décor, or simple and easy Christmas cards that everyone is sure to enjoy, without you having to put in hours worth of work.

Buy Cricut Solutions Cartridges Online

Browse our large inventory of discount cartridges. It's easy to recognize Solutions cartridges because they tend to be packaged in blister plastic packaging with a keypad overlay and a small fold out instruction sheet. You will want to have some sort of storage solution for these fun cartridges.