Cricut Blades

About Cricut Replacement Blades

It's important to have a sharp Cricut blade to ensure your paper projects are precise. Cricut has been leading the electronic craft cutting industry for a decade and it's partly because of the quality accessories they offer. Your Explore Air machine is almost no good if the blade and Cricut cutting mat are worn out. Save on replacement Cricut machine blades at

For an excellent cut, try the German Carbide blade. If you have thick material, you may need to go with a deep cut blade. Try the Cricut scoring tip for creasing your cards.

How to Use a Machine Blade

Every Cricut die cutter comes with a blade inside. They are what cut the Provo Craft material you are working with. If you have a dull blade or the wrong settings on your Cricut, your machine won't cut your material as well as it should.

When do you switch your blade? You will know if your Cricut needs a new blade when it starts tearing your paper. When it's trying to cut, it will drag your paper right off the mat or it won't be able to cut the material all the way.

Types of Cricut Blades

There are a few different types of Cricut blade options to choose from:

  • German Carbide Blade - this is the granddaddy of all blades. Nothing cuts like it!
  • Cricut Scoring Tip with Housing - The scoring tip will crease your paper. Great for card-making.
  • Cricut Deep Cut Blade - If you are working with chipboard, wood, veneer, magnet sheets, or anything heavy duty like that, this is a must.
  • Cricut Trimmer - Another popular item on our site is the Cricut Trimmer. This is great for getting paper to the perfect size before placing it in the Cricut machine. It gives your paper straight lines, and makes it easy to cut to the measurements you need.

Buy Discount Blades for Cricut Online

At CraftDirect, we have every shape and size of Cricut blade available. If you are looking for the perfect blade for you machine, let us help you. Don't wait for yours to go dull in your Cricut, go out and buy one today. You can save big on all Cricut accessories. Contact us if you have any trouble finding the right blade.