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  1. Cake Water Brush - Cricut - Clearance
    Cake Water Brush - Cricut - Clearance
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About Cricut Cake Accessories

If you own a Cake machine (discontinued) you will love all the Cricut Cake accessories we carry. Whether you are looking for a Cricut fondant cutter, cake tools, or the beautiful Cricut Cake apron, we have it. As you scroll through our site you will discover all the amazing cake accessories Cricut has to offer, and with the many choices you have to choose from you will have a hard time just picking one of them.

Contact us if you have any trouble locating the right Cricut accessories. We love to hear from our customers and strive to make this the best online shopping experience.

A Cricut Cake machine is an electronic cutter that fits in great with your kitchen appliances. It cuts edible items like gum paste and fondant for any type of decorating you may be doing. This particular machine comes with a blade that is made especially for cutting food items into images. If you are into decorating cakes or cupcakes at all, the Cricut Cake machine is a great option for you.

Cake Accessories for Your Machine

At Craft Direct, you will find many types of Cricut Cake accessories. We have something for every cake designer out there. Whether you like to decorate extravagant cakes, or simple cakes, the options are unlimited with all the Cricut Cake accessories you can buy.

White Gum Paste

If you are going to be making cake toppers with your Cricut Cake you will definitely want some white gum paste. On our site you can purchase a 32 oz container of Gum Paste which is easy to use, and will last for quite a long time. You can also use food coloring to dye the paste so that you can make it whatever color you want. That way you can use this paste to match whatever project you are working on. This particular paste works great with the Cricut Cake Cutter, and is a great option to choose.

Cricut Cake Cutting Mat

A Cricut Cake is useless without a good cutting mat. The right cutting mat will cut out your designs with ease. We have a 12" x 24" mat which is great for big projects you are working on, and a 12" x 12" one for smaller simpler projects.

Cake Tool Kit

If you are looking for some great Cricut Cake accessories for your machine you definitely need some Cricut Cake tools. These tools are designed specifically to help you create and cut your design without any problems. On our site you will find a Cricut Cake tool kit which comes with a Smoother, Double sided Cutting/Texture Wheel, Needle Tool, Pastry Brush, Tapered Spatula, Large Spatula, and Cake Scraper.

Buy Cricut Cake Accessories Wholesale

At CraftDirect we love to create, and love to help our customers create beautiful work. On our site you will only find the very best Cricut Cake accessories for your machine. Scroll through our pages and discover all the amazing things you can design with the products we have to offer. Once you discover how amazing a Cricut Cake is you will never design a cake another way ever again.

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