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About Crate Paper

As a proud member of the American Crafts family of products, Crate Paper has made a name for itself by offering crafters incredibly intricate patterns on quality cardstock that enables them to be their most creative selves. We have a variety of Crate Paper product options:

At, we have great deals going all the time on paper. Without paper, what good is your library of tools and accessories? Paper is the backbone of embossing and die-cutting. Whether you love to make scrapbook albums, greeting cards, or home decor, Crate Paper cardstock is a great solution for your projects. You will love the way your cards and layouts turn out when you create with this amazing product line from the American Crafts collection.

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Why Choose Crate Paper?

Paper is to crafting like fabric is to sewing. The two work together hand in hand. At, we know this and strive everyday to bring our customers the very best selection of craft paper imaginable. We want the paper that we provide to be just what you need to help your projects really pop. We feel strongly that our Crate Paper cardstock will not only do that but so much more.

Craft Enthusiast everywhere love the variety of things they can create using Crate Paper cardstock. Here are just some ways you can incorporate this great paper into all your crafts:

  • Scrapbooking - It's important to have durable unique paper that will add to the overall look and feel of your scrapbook. Using Crate Paper cardstock is a great choice for scrapbooking.
  • Home Decor - Anyone who creates home decor will tell you that quality paper is most important. You don't want to use paper that will fall apart after a week of sitting on the shelf. When you use Crate Paper you can feel at peace knowing your craft project you spent hours putting together will last more than just a day.
  • Card Designing - Something almost every card enthusiast looks for is unique paper that will add to the overall look and feel of their cards. You will love what Crate Paper cardstock can do for all your card designing needs. Their bold and stunning line of paper is just what you need to turn your boring mundane cards into beautiful works of art.

Save on Crate Paper Cardstock Online

At, we love to create, but most of all we love to see our customers create with the amazing products we have to offer. It doesn't matter what type of crafting you are passionate about, you will love our line of Crate Paper products. If you don't find the paper you want here, keep in mind we have tons of scrapbook cardstock.