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About CGull Embossing Folders

As always, CGull offers an affordable alternative to brand-name products, and it's no exception with CGull embossing folders. Conveniently, they are compatible with any standard embossing machines.

Each folder comes with a unique pattern that has an intricate design on it. You will love our line of discount CGull folders. If you haven't seen the interchangeable embossing folders, you are truly missing out. CGull is a leading innovator in the industry, and you can look forward to more fun inventions, as they establish themselves as leaders in craft supply.

As you browse through our site, you will be certain to find great deals on embossing folders.

What Are Interchangeable Emboss Folders?

CGull is the innovator of the famous interchangeable emboss folder. To understand how it works, allow for a quick explanation of embossing. It is a distinct process where the cardstock, paper or other material which you are using is raised with a 3D effect or sunken in to give your material a detailed or dimensional look. Typically, to emboss you need an embossing machine with the appropriate embossing folders to go a long with it. Each folder has a unique design on it with a lot of textures, dimensions, and patterns.

With CGull interchangeable embossing folders you can mix and match elements of the folder for different results.

Creating with CGull

At CraftDirect, we make it easy to create your favorite designs with our embossing folders. All of our folders are made with the finest materials and are built to last. They help take traditional crafts and turn them into works of art with  intricate designs and detailed images. Here are some ways you can add to your projects with CGull folders:

  • Decorating Around the House - There are so many great ways you can decorate your home with embossed crafts. You can emboss your favorite words or quotes on cardstock to mount on decorative blocks of wood and hang them on your wall. You can even emboss your favorite designs and frame them for all to see. You can do that and so much more when using embossing to decorate your home.
  • Creating Homemade Cards - One of the most popular reasons individuals purchase an embossing machine is to give style and design to their homemade cards. Each of our CGull folders will give your homemade cards a look so bold and fresh that even you will think a professional designed them. Whether you want a phrase to pop out or an image to look sharp, you will love all the amazing things you can do with these embossing folders.
  • Creating Crafts for Holidays and Special Events - There are many great holidays and special events which happen throughout the year.  You can use CGull embossing folders to help make these special occasions magical. You can use embossing folders to create ornaments for a Christmas tree, gift tags for a birthday, signs for a graduation and even gift boxes for a baby shower. There are so many great ways you can use our embossing folders for every special event that happens in your life.

Shop for CGull Embossing Folders at CraftDirect

We love embossing and all the creative ways you can use it in your crafts. If you want to discover just how fun and easy it is to create beautiful works of art with your embossing machine check out our site today to find some CGull folders that are right for you. 

Keep in mind we carry other brands of embossing folders, if you don't find what you need here.

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