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About Bazzill Basics

It's time to take your collection of craft supplies to the next level with Bazzill Basics, great for scrapbooking, home decorating, and card making. At CraftDirect, we have a wide selection of Bazzill craft supplies to choose from. They are just what you need to kick your projects up a notch.

Bazzill is an innovator in the scrapbooking industry. You can find their products in the United States and in 13 countries around the world. They have been around a long time and truly know their stuff. When it comes to paper and craft supplies you can trust that Bazzill products and accessories are just what you need to turn your craft projects into beautiful works of art.

Bazzill at CraftDirect

At CraftDirect, we take pride in the products we have to offer. We only provide our customers with products that we would use for ourselves. Not only are Bazzill products a great choice for craft supplies, but you will also find a variety of their products here on our site.

  • Embellishments - You will love the Bazzill embellishments that you will discover here on our site. We have items like paper flowers, glitter tape, paper tape and even buttons.  All of our embellishments are easy to use and work great on almost any craft project.
  • Paper - Bazzill paper is taking the world by storm. Their bold colors really stand out and help your projects to pop. On our site, you can choose from many different sizes, themes, and styles of paper that are sure to please even the pickiest of crafters.
  • Journaling Cards - Journaling cards are becoming more and more popular amongst scrap bookers and crafters everywhere. Bazzill's line of journaling cards is so fresh and new that they will really add color and design to your crafts. You can choose from themes, colors and styles that are sure to go along perfectly with all your craft project endeavors.

Creating with Bazzill Basics

Possibilities are endless when you create with Bazzill craft supplies. You can use their line of paper to make beautiful homemade cards or even to scrapbook like a professional. Their embellishments can be used to add style to home decor and to dress up invitations. Bazzill's journaling cards work perfectly with scrapbooks and are perfect for writing letters. There are so many fun ways you can incorporate Bazzill Basics products in your craft projects.

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It doesn't matter whether you are looking for accessories for your home decorating projects or your scrapbook, Bazzill makes great products!