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About ArtBin Organizers

When you need your craft supplies organized, an ArtBin storage box is the perfect solution. Their convenient, easy to use organizers are perfect for crafting at home, as well as on the go. At, we have many different ArtBin storage products to choose from.

Each of their products is made with quality materials that will help keep your treasured craft supplies safe and out of harm's way. Super satchels work great with Cricut cartridges and any kind of material you might need to store.

Organize your crafts with incredible storage potential at great low prices. As you scroll through our site, you will discover how ArtBin storage can take your neat organizing to the next level.

Experienced crafters know that ArtBin storage is designed for creative minds. They are one of the industries leaders for innovative craft, hobby and art storage supplies. Their line allows you to customize your storage solution to what best fits your wants and needs. ArtBin received the 2014 Crafties Award for BEST organizer and they are just what you need to get your craft supplies in order.

Using ArtBin Storage

ArtBin makes organizing fun with the line of products they have to offer. Each of their storage containers make it simple to find your products the moment you need them.

Using ArtBin storage is simple and easy to do. All it takes is a few simple solutions to get your craft supplies in order.

ArtBin Paper Essentials Storage Box

Have you ever gone to a craft party carrying your scrapbooking paper in the flimsy paper bag that it came in? Doing so can be very risky. The ArtBin Paper Essentials Storage Box is the perfect solution to keeping your paper and cardstock safe. This unique box is perfect for 12" x 12" paper, has a hinged lid, which stays securely on and a molded handle to help make carrying easier. It's just what you need to keep your craft paper safe.

ArtBin Cartridge Storage Box

Keeping your cartridges organized is a complicated task. With the help of the ArtBin Cartridge storage box you can keep all of your Cricut cartridges organized in one easy location. That way you can find all your cartridges the moment you need them. This unique box securely holds up to 16 cartridges and is just what you need to help get that obnoxious clutter of your tables and floor.

ArtBin Super Satchel Compartments

ArtBin Super Satchel Compartments are one of the best ways to get organized. Their many dividers and trays make it easy to store all your favorite craft supplies in one easy to access location. Each Super Satchel Compartment comes with a unique design which will comfortably sit on top of Super Satchel Cubes which makes it great for storage and moving around.

Buy ArtBin Storage Boxes Online

At CraftDirect we love to help our customers get organized. The ArtBin products we have here on our site are designed to do not only that but so much more! Check out our site to discover what our outstanding selection of ArtBin storage supplies can do for you! Check out our other storage options.


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