Sticky Thumb

About Sticky Thumb Glues and Adhesives

Here you will find the best solutions for bonding and adhering your designs together on your favorite paper projects. American Crafts Sticky Thumb offers an incredible line of glues and adhesives. Whether you like to make greeting cards, home decor, or scrapbook layouts, these supplies will make your projects easier. It comes as no surprise that American Crafts is the driving force behind such amazing innovations.

Types of Sticky Thumb Supplies

The Sticky Thumb collection is made by American Crafts, so you know it's made with quality. These adhesive solutions include:

  • Cordless mini glue gun - works like any standard glue gun and we also have glue stick packs (black and white).
  • Tape - there is white and red double-sided tape in different sizes.
  • Adhesive dots and tabs - black, white, raised, flat, etc.
  • Glue pens - reversible tip gives you 2-in-1 utility.
  • Glue sticks - just like you used in kindergarten!
  • Liquid glue - this offers crafters a strong bond.
  • Marathon runner and refills - this is just like the Marathon tape runner that Bazzill used to make, but has since been discontinued.
  • Photo corners - an essential option for scrapbookers, in black and clear.
  • Red tape - double sided red tape in various sizes.
  • Splat mat - for keeping your workspace clean when you use glue.
  • Tape runners and refills - standard size tape runners. Just go with the Marathon, that's our opinion.