More Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge Ideas (Part 2)

by Richelle Naegle

I just completed this project and wanted to share, but I have already shared other Winter Frolic Ideas (part 1).

If you are like me and you don’t want to give out those cheesy cheep Christmas tags that you can buy at the store then using your Cricut machine you can quickly make beautiful Christmas tags that won’t cost you more than buying them from a store and won’t take a lot of time. Plus the bigger bonus is they make your well thought out gifts look more special and personalized to each person. Even if you only make one design of a tag for everyone.

Making your own Christmas tags is simple and easy to make. You can quickly make lots of the same one quickly and without a lot of effort. One of the best cartridges to use for making Christmas tags is the Winter Frolic Cricut cartridge. This great cartridge has a large assortment of fun Holiday and winter images like snow men, Santa’s, tree, ornaments and so many more, that you can make using the Winter Frolic Cricut cartridge. Ideas will easily come to you once you see all the fun images on this tag made with Winter Frolic cartridge

How to Make Christmas Tag

This particular tag was made with cardstock cut out at 5” and 4.5” and the Christmas tree was cut out at 3”. Then you can just stamp or even write the “to” and the “from” on your tag. Punch a hole in the top and use a nice ribbon or even string to make it easy to tie onto your gift.

With 9 more days till Christmas you still have time to make your Christmas tags if you haven’t already started. If you make your own tags I would love to see them leave me a message where I can find your tag I would love to be inspired by you. Or any other project you make using the Winter Frolic Cricut cartridge ideas would be great, I love this cartridge.

Happy holiday creating. Do your Christmas shopping here for great prices on Cricut. We have an awesome selection of Cricut materials, for all types of projects.

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