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November 2016 – Free Monthly Design Downloads

thanksgiving napkin ring projectMan, Halloween came and went awful fast, didn’t it? Now it’s time to get ready for one of the best holidays for making craft home decorations, Thanksgiving! We’ve made original designs for you to download so that you can make awesome projects for the season. As you’ve come to expect, these free .svg design downloads are made by the talented Aaron Meyers who now has lots of experience making craft designs and we are loving the results.

Scroll down the page to view the links. If you do not see them, it means you are reading this post in the blog feed. Click the link in the post title to reveal the links. The .svg files will work with your preferred electronic cutting machine.

One design we are really excited about is the napkin ring sets (example of completed project with scrapbook paper is pictured top right). There is also a card, a decorative phrase, and of course a calendar with icons. Without further adieu, here are the designs:
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November 2015 – Free Monthly Design Downloads

With Thanksgiving coming up, we here at wanted to give thanks to our customers and show some appreciation to you for choosing us. We love doing what we do! We have decided to offer free monthly designs available for download. Our very own Aaron Meyers is the creative mind behind the designs, and his November Thanksgiving-themed card projects are so much fun!

The designs conveniently come in SVG files (see bottom of post where it says Download Attachments) so they are compatible with up-to-date electronic cutting machines.

Download all 3 of November’s designs for free. If you have a minute, please share this post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that your friends and relatives can get their hands on these awesome designs:richelle's happy thanksgiving download design

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Cricut Simple Holiday Ideas

by Richelle Naeglesimple holiday cartridge made this I love you card

Today I will be quickly covering a few cards I made with the Cricut Simple Holiday Cards cartridge. Please offer feedback about your own projects, clarification you may need on any part of my designs, etc. This is an old cartridge, but it’s compatible with all Cricuts, including the Explore Air 2.

I Love You Card

This Cricut card was easy to make. I cut it out at 5 inches making it a finished card size of 4″ x 5″ inches. This cartridge is great for when you are short on time. It is also one of the better Cricut cartridges to use when you are mass manufacturing cards because of how quickly you can produce the cards.

Though this card looks like it’s geared towards Valentine’s the color matches Christmas as well. To tell you the truth, “I love you” as a message works year-round so I guess this is a card for all seasons.

Turkey Day Card

Turkey Day card made with simple holiday cricut cartridgeThis is a great design to go along with the scrapbook memories you preserve from this past holiday.

With just two cuts you can make the perfect card for any holiday, though in this case we obviously went for Thanksgiving. I just love this turkey, he is so stinkin’ cute! The card was cut out at 5.5 inches.

I chose to go with non-traditional Thanksgiving colors to vary things up a little bit, but you may be a little more traditional. Share with us whatever you come up with to commemorate your turkey day. We love to see others’ projects and glean from them our own Cricut Simple Holiday ideas to use in the future.

Be sure to save on all the best products, including quality Cricut paper here at Thanks for reading, and happy creating!

Cricut Vinyl Projects

by Richelle Naegle
Cricut Vinyl Projects plate for thanksgiving
Creating your own Cricut vinyl projects is very simple and it is less expensive than purchasing something at the store or on-line. By purchasing plates or other pieces from a thrift store or yard sale, you can pick up some great pieces that are perfect for re-purposing and adding a little vinyl to, to make it “new” and a great home décor piece.

For this easy project, I purchased this plate for $.50¢ from the local thrift store. Washed it up and now I’m ready to make a fun Thanksgiving plate/décor. Then used the Cricut Type Candy Font cartridge, (one of my all time favorite font cartridges), to cut out the saying “Give Thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” The give thanks was cut out at 1” using the taffy script font, and I did use my Gypsy to weld the letters together, the rest of the saying was cut out at .75” using the better than chocolate font. The leaves are from the Autumn Celebrations cartridge (this cartridge is currently discontinued and not available), but you could use any cartridge that you already own that has leaves on it. There are quite a few cartridges that have great leaf images.

Helpful Tip!

If  you are looking for a particular image and don’t want to spend hours searching your Cricut handbooks, you can go to and type in anything you are looking for and it will show you all the cartridges that have that item on it. Such as leafs, or Santa then you can see what each image looks like before you dig out your cartridge. This great website saves me a lot of time and energy looking for images, even is faster than searching my gypsy for the images.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Cricut vinyl craft ideas you can look on Pinterest or even find them at your favorite craft boutique, then find images and use your favorite Cricut font cartridges to make your home décor project at home, for a fraction of the cost.

Do you have any Cricut Expression vinyl projects that you have made that you would like to share with us? Then just leave us a link to your image here on our blog so we can check them out and be inspired by you. Save on all Cricut cartridges, as well as Cricut Explore Air machines.

Happy creating

Cricut Tablescapes Ideas

by Richelle Naegle

For this blog post we will be covering the Cricut Tablescapes Fall & Winter cartridge, which is great for dining room decorations, especially for the holidays.

Name Card and Basket

card tablescape cricut projectTo finish off the table setting, we have these little name cards. These are super easy to make, the cardstock base is 4.25 x 5.5 then scored in half so they are 4.25 x 2.25 when folded, and then inked the edges brown. This is so easy with a Cricut machine. The inside paper is 4 x 2 and then used a corner rounder to, you guessed it, round the corners, and inked those as well. Finally used the cartridge to cut out the acorn at 2″. I did cut it out twice and cut of the bottom part of the lighter brown.Then sanded the lighter brown. I did cut out a bunch of them and used the same acorn for the treat boxes from Wednesday’s project and for this one. So that will save you time cutting out more at a time.

basket cricut tablescapesThen for this simple design I got a wire basket and filled the bottom with raffia, and cut out the 3D acorns at 2″, 3″, and 4″ just enough to fit on the top of it. These are the same as used for the Banner from Tuesday’s project as well just larger sizes :).

Hope you have enjoyed this cartridge as much as I have, now I have all my decor ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tea Time Decoration

teacup cricutI’m not really sure what to call these decorations, so I’m going to call them Cup Decor, because that’s what they look like to me. If you have a better name let me know :).

So back to business These fun acorns were cut out at 4″ using the Tablescapes Fall & Winter. I did cut them out at 2″ and they turned out really cute but didn’t hold to the cup very well. So I recommend cutting them bigger than the 2″.  But the small version does work.

Make sure you fold it backwards well to make it hold better. It’s held on by a little triangle piece of paper, so heavier paper works best as well.

Then I finished them off with a little piece of ribbon to match them to the rest of the table decor.

So come back tomorrow and see our final project to finish off this fun fall table setting.

Treat Boxes

box cricut tablescapesFor these fun treat boxes I used We R paper, the Antique stack (so that all the boxes coordinated together but weren’t all the same), and the Cricut Tablescapes Fall & Winter. I cut the box out at 2″ and you can fit two on a 12 x 12 sheet of paper.

Then I cut out the acorn two more times one in dark brown and the other on the cor’dinations brown paper so I could sand it and give it a little more depth to look like an acorn. Then cut the bottom of the acorn off, these were also cut out at 2″.

I punched two little holes and used brown and gold ribbon to give them more depth. Added some peanuts and candy corns and it’s a fun little treat to enjoy while your waiting for dinner. I think the kids will love them, and make them a little more patient.  🙂

Fall Banner

banner cricut tablescapesFor this fun fall banner, I used the Tablescapes cartridge. The larger acorns are cut out at 5″ so you can fit all 4 on one 12 x 12 sheet. The smaller acorns are actually the 3D acorns, so they have a little dimension. These are super easy to put together, it cuts a slit half way on each so you can just hook them together very easily. Then used lots of raffia and ribbon. A very easy and fun way to make fall more festive.

Napkin Rings

napkin ring cricut tablescapesMaking beautiful table decorations can be easy this year with the Cricut Tablescapes. For the first project this week we have the Napkin holder.

I cut this image out at 2.75″ and then wrapped it around the napkin. You could also cut out the acorn at 2.75 and layer it on top. But I used a pretty paper and didn’t want to cover it up.

For these I used the DCWV Natural Paper Stack so all the napkin rings are similar but able to use different sheets of paper.

Please offer us your feedback and share with us your own Cricut Tablescapes ideas and as always, you can save on Cricut cartridges online with us. Also, check out the Cricut Explore Air 2.