Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most amazing times of the year. Expressing gratitude for all you have in life together with your loved ones is the best! There's a lot of crafting fun to be had on this holiday, and that can mean involving the entire family. Doing group projects is a great way to pass the time because it enables conversation and requires teamwork. Here are a few fun projects that might inspire you, with themes of gratitude. It's always a good exercise to stop and think about how blessed you are, and you can do that through crafting.

Our crafting friends made these two projects come to life using:

Thanksgiving School Bulletin Board

thanksgiving turkey school bulletin board project completed

This school bulletin board is definitely a head-turner because of the colorful, adorable turkeys. These cute additions will truly catch the eye of everyone who passes by the board, especially children. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the turkey designs are also easy to make. These turkeys were created using the Maker machine. You can use any Cricut machine with access to the Cricut Design Space. You can find these project images there. Just type in "turkey," and the images will show up in the results. To select multiple projects to work on and cut, hit 'ctrl' and click the image you want if you are using a PC.

There are seemingly limitless images to choose from, so the hardest part is choosing what you want to do! If you don't have a Cricut but craft with a CAMEO, you'll have access to different designs that will work as well. Don't forget the colored cardstock you need to make these designs come to life.

Fall Wreath from Foundations Décor

foundations decor fall wreath project completed

A wreath is one of the simplest ideas to bring pizazz and personality to your front door, mantel, or window. Add warmth to your home with this Fall Wreath (821172) from our friends at Foundations Décor.

The wreath is flexible, meaning you can decorate it according to your preference so that it has your personal touch. As shown in the picture, the decorator added a unique flavor with the red flowers and yellow leaves, creating the perfect fall vibe.

The flowers cost $4 at the Dollar tree, so the whole project came in at just under $17. You can get creative and make your personalized design using flowers or whatever you want to decorate the wreath. You could even add a paper turkey as seen in the bulletin board project.

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