by Richelle Naeglecard made with the sizzix large 3-d thinlits die set

When I first saw the David Tutera Wedding dies, I was instantly excited. There are a few different, beautiful flower-project options. A crafter can never have too many flower designs at her/his disposal. So check out this new set of Large 3-D Flower Sizzix Thinlits dies. It almost makes me want to decorate for a wedding...but not quite! This die is one of my favorites, and honestly, it made constructing this flower simple and easy!

The most important thing to remember when making flowers is that no two flowers are the same and yet they are all perfect. So, when you are cutting out the petals for your flower, don't try and make it a certain way every time. It's probably too much work to make them look exactly alike and it's fun to have variety, anyway.

Flower Project Instructions

For this particular flower, I used the pink leather Sizzix paper and cut out each petal two times. It might take a little bit longer to cut, but I really like the unique look of my flowers when I use the leather material. Not only does it look cool, it gives the flower a little extra strength as well. One fun technique I have found to really make my flowers stand out is to spray the flowers with water and then crumple them up. Once they are dry, you will find it's given your material a more natural look.

The center is super easy on this one. All you need to do is take your pre-cut piece of paper and start rolling from the wider side until the thinner side is on the outside. That's it!

The petals go together next. They are already scored which helps to create the proper folds. All you have to do is fold the two bottom sections over one another to get the petal to bend just right. There is a third part in the middle you can just glue it to the bottom of the petal. This will produce a nice shape with a secure hold. I would highly recommend using a hot glue gun when making these. The glue cools fast enough that you can really zip through multiple folds, making your flower come together quickly and easily. Whenever I use a hot glue gun I always think of this meme. If you've used one, then you've been the victim of a hot tool at some point. The final result is well worth the sacrifice.

Making It into a Card

After only making a couple of flowers, I decided that I liked them so much that they needed to be shared on a card or something. Since Mother's Day is this weekend I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to display my work on a fabulous Mother's day card. Since I already had my Sizzix dies out, I grabbed the Circle Flip-its Card die, and cut out the card base. I then added the flower to it. It was wonderfully easy and quick.

Share Your Mother's Day Projects

If you are making a Mother's day card this week, share them with me on our Facebook page. I would also love to see how you have used the Large 3-D Flower Sizzix Thinlits. Project ideas are always welcome. We carry Sizzix material (which includes leather) and Cricut faux leather.

Happy creating