by Richelle Naegle

Sometimes simple is better! Especially when you have a lot of scrapbook pages to make because you are a couple of years behind on your scrapbook albums like I am. The Simple Stories collection kits are perfect for making quick and fun scrapbook layouts. These kits include stickers, cardstock elements, and some of them even have journaling cards, and element sheets. With all these matching components it makes album work super easy and quick! So grab one or a few of your favorite scrapbook kits and get started today.

You can also choose from our awesome selection of Simple Stories paper. Just so you know, most of the Simple Stories kits are very limited in supply. Once they are gone, we may not be able to get more. So if you see one you love, you better grab it today.

Life Is Better in the Snow Layout

For all of these layouts I made, the kits provided all the material. I used some solid printed material for the photo backdrops and the This to that adhesive value pack. I really like the adhesive runners in this value pack. It holds really well and also allows me wiggle room if I don't place it perfectly the first time, I can easily pull it up and replace it without damaging my page.

snow-page-layoutsToday I started out with the fun Snow Patrol Collection Kit. This kit is perfect for your winter-themed scrapbook pages. It's full of great colors that are bright and cheery but also represent the winter months very well. The Simple Stories kits work really well together you get 4 double-sided sheets of paper and stickers, and element sheets so you can easily cut out extra embellishments.

I love the snowman so much and there was only one, so I used some small-tipped green CGull scissors and cut one out from one of the element sheets. I love how this layout came together quickly and easily!

Best Day Ever Layout


Next, I used the Carpe Diem Collection Kit. This kit matches with the Carpe Diem planners collection but they do not have to be used together. I created this fun scrapbook layout that I am going to use for some of those random pictures that have no unifying them. Sometimes those random moments are the best memories.

Aloha & Paradise Layouts


This next layout was created using the You Are Here! Collection Kit. This layout is perfect for those fun photos of your tropical vacation or if you have a beach-themed party! The problem I had with this kit is I really wanted to make more pages, so if you had a big vacation and you're using this kit, I would highly recommend grabbing two of them.

Happy Birthday Layout

Finally, we have a fun birthday layout from the Let's Party Collection Kit. This kit is so much fun with its bright colors and fun designs you can make some fun scrapbook layouts!

That's it. I created all of these layouts in about an hour. I know some of you have created a fun layout with these kits, so share them with me on our Facebook or Instagram pages! Be sure to hashtag #craftdirect so I can see what you have created. I can't wait to enjoy all the fun pages you have designed.

Happy creating!