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How to Foil Your Vinyl Material (Infographic)

by Richelle Naegle

One day while searching Pinterest, I found a video that someone had made on the Heidi Swapp page where she used Silhouette permanent vinyl with her laminator machine to foil the vinyl, The purpose was so that she could adhere the design to a coffee mug. You can click here to see that video.

We’ve made an infographic to explain the process so you know how to foil your vinyl material. I also offer my own handiwork below the infographic, so you can see how it works in action. Without further ado:

how to foil your vinyl material infographic
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Fontastic Fonts Cricut Cartridge Ideas

fontastic font Cricut Cartridge

Order Fontastic Fonts within 24 hours of its release for a chance at a free CGull cartridge tote.

by Richelle Naegle

I am so excited for this fun new font cartridge, mostly because of all the creative options it gives me. The Fontastic Fonts Cricut cartridge is loaded with 7 new and creative fonts that give you several options to ensure you are set for a variety of occasions.

As you have probably noticed, Cricut has really been on a roll lately with all their new cartridge releases, and as usual, you can expect a great low price at

We are also giving away cartridge totes to 5 random winners who purchase the new cartridge from our site within 24 hours of its release today. Follow that link for a complete explanation of the promotion, which we will be running for most, if not all Cricut cartridge releases this year.

We would offer lower prices if we could, but we are required to charge a minimum on new releases, so since we can’t give you a lower price, the tote giveaway is another way in which we can show our appreciation to our customers.

My New Fontastic Fonts Cartridge Project:

Personally, I’m totally infatuated with the Doodles font, pictured below:

Fontastic Font Doodles FontAnd yes there are 6 other full fonts on this cartridge as well! When this cartridge came into the warehouse the other day, I was so excited to be able to make something with it. I dropped everything and went at it. It’s just one of those cartridges you know that you have to have! Valentine’s Day is coming up so I thought I should make some sort of home decor craft for the holiday. This quote comes from one of my favorite movies Sweet Home Alabama, and it works just perfect for Valentine’s Day as well. Fontastic Font Cricut Cartridge Ideas

The two fonts I used were both from the new Fontastic Font cartridge, the main one being Smitten, and the other font that I used for the word “Kiss” was the Doodles font! The heart is from the Disney Hannah Montana cartridge. I put this design on a small 6″ x 6″ tile using Cricut premium vinyl, which has a great gloss finish and it cuts really well in Cricut or Silhouette die cutting machines. Of course, Silhouette vinyl is awesome too.

I can already tell this is going to be my new go-to font cartridge. I can’t wait to make more projects with it. Are you ready to inspire me? I love to see everything you are creating! So post your projects using this new cartridge or your favorite cartridge, especially your Valentine’s Day projects, on our Paper Crafting Fanatics Google+ page, or on Facebook! Let’s keep the Fontastic Fonts Cricut cartridge Ideas coming so we can inspire each other!

Oh and don’t forget about our giveaway where you can win 1 of 5 CGull Cartridge totes just by buying this awesome cartridge you were already planning on getting.

Happy creating!

Mother’s Day Cricut Subway Art

by Richelle Naegle

Want to make a Mother’s Day Craft that she can enjoy year round? Subway art is a very trendy craft right now and it allows you to personalize to fit your taste. While I wish I could say this is a fast and easy project, I must admit that it does take some time and some patience. The easy part of subway art project is there are no rules, no guidelines, and you are free to say what you want and design it the way you choose. By simply turning words on their side or adding simple images you can easily change the feel and design of what I’ve created below into something personal to you. You can use all the same font and just change the size, or if you wish, use a variety of fonts and sizes to create your one of a kind masterpiece. Mother's Day Subway Art

For this Mother’s Day Cricut subway art I used my Explore Air machine, and the Cricut Design space software. You could also just as easily make it using your gypsy or the Cricut Craftroom just as easily. Or even your Silhouette or other die cutting machine software would work just as easily. I don’t know that I would recommend that you do it without some sort of software though, as it’s hard to make sure all the widths and heights and spacing is going to work before you cut out and waste a lot of Cricut vinyl (but you can use any vinyl), and not to mention time.

OK, so back to the project at hand. I used a 11″ x 14″ piece of wood and painted it all white, you will want to make sure that you don’t have a lot of paint on the board, just enough to cover the wood completely. If you have too much paint when you are trying to peal the transfer tape up it will pick some of the paint off the board.

While I didn’t want this project to be all one color, I selected a few vinyl colors mostly using CGull vinyl and a couple of the colors are from the Cricut vinyl line. Some of the fonts are from my own computer fonts, and some are from the various fonts off the Cricut cartridges, such as Kate’s ABC’s, Chalkboard font, Everyday Fonts, Birthday Cakes, Elegant cakes and Boys Will Be Boys. Any font cartridges you have will work, and their are also some great font cartridges that have many fonts such as the Everyday Font Cricut cartridge has seven fonts so with one cartridge you can have the best of both worlds.

After you have your design ready to go then you can cut out all your words and images using your Cricut machine, and then carefully “weed” out all your unwanted vinyl, then using the vinyl transfer tape to carefully place your vinyl cut outs onto your board making sure that they are lined up and straight. Then carefully remove your transfer tape leaving the vinyl on your board.

Want to simplify this project?

If you wanted to make this project simpler you could cut out all the vinyl using the same color, so that you just have one large piece of vinyl that is already spaced perfectly, from when you designed it.

I hope you have enjoyed this Mother’s Day Craft Project, and that I have inspired you to make something beautiful for you or your mother for Mother’s Day. If you have any Mother’s Day or Subway art craft project that you have made share them with us on our Facebook page or on our Google+ page. Remember to save on Cricut Font cartridges.

Happy creating!

Cricut Vinyl Projects

by Richelle Naegle
Cricut Vinyl Projects plate for thanksgiving
Creating your own Cricut vinyl projects is very simple and it is less expensive than purchasing something at the store or on-line. By purchasing plates or other pieces from a thrift store or yard sale, you can pick up some great pieces that are perfect for re-purposing and adding a little vinyl to, to make it “new” and a great home décor piece.

For this easy project, I purchased this plate for $.50¢ from the local thrift store. Washed it up and now I’m ready to make a fun Thanksgiving plate/décor. Then used the Cricut Type Candy Font cartridge, (one of my all time favorite font cartridges), to cut out the saying “Give Thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” The give thanks was cut out at 1” using the taffy script font, and I did use my Gypsy to weld the letters together, the rest of the saying was cut out at .75” using the better than chocolate font. The leaves are from the Autumn Celebrations cartridge (this cartridge is currently discontinued and not available), but you could use any cartridge that you already own that has leaves on it. There are quite a few cartridges that have great leaf images.

Helpful Tip!

If  you are looking for a particular image and don’t want to spend hours searching your Cricut handbooks, you can go to and type in anything you are looking for and it will show you all the cartridges that have that item on it. Such as leafs, or Santa then you can see what each image looks like before you dig out your cartridge. This great website saves me a lot of time and energy looking for images, even is faster than searching my gypsy for the images.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Cricut vinyl craft ideas you can look on Pinterest or even find them at your favorite craft boutique, then find images and use your favorite Cricut font cartridges to make your home décor project at home, for a fraction of the cost.

Do you have any Cricut Expression vinyl projects that you have made that you would like to share with us? Then just leave us a link to your image here on our blog so we can check them out and be inspired by you. Save on all Cricut cartridges, as well as Cricut Explore Air machines.

Happy creating

Cricut Team Spirit Ideas

by Richelle Naegle
cricut team spirit vinyl project
Check out the various projects we have completed utilizing the Cricut Team Spirit cartridge. From vinyl to magnets to window stickers, you can take your Team Spirit projects a number of different directions.

For this project, I used a bunch of Cricut Vinyl on different things, just to give you some inspiration on some great projects you can create with Team Spirit.

I did the binder, with the wolf at 5 inches.

The black object is a locker caddy which has a magnet on the back so you can hang within your locker and put your pencils or candy bars or what ever in it. It is cut out at 3 inches.

The blue sports bottle has a bulldog that was cut out at 2 inches.

And finally the drinking cup with straw has a bear (3 inches), and in this case I added the background layer.

Team Spirit Magnet

team spirit cricut magnetShow your team spirit with this great magnet. These magnets are easy to make and are great for homecoming and other occasions. Get Cricut magnet material cheap here, online (you can also try Silhouette magnet paper).

This is the first one I have made and I have to admit that I was very intimated, but it ended up being a pretty straight-forward task. I don’t know what I was worried about.  I think it turned out great.

Supplies you’ll need:

The Team Spirit cartridge, Cricut vinyl ( I used Yellow, Blue, and White), transfer tape, a new or very sticky cutting mat and a deep cut blade and housing.

Now that you have all your desired materials organized you are ready to proceed with the project.

I cut the magnet material to about a 5 x 5 square and also the yellow to about 5 x 5 square, and covered the magnet with the yellow vinyl. Then loaded it into my Cricut machine.

I cut the finger out at 4″ on the yellow vinyl using the deep cut blade housing with the pressure set to 6 and the blade set to 6. The speed was set to 2,  then using a multi-cut of 3 I cut out the magnet material.magnet materials cricut

For the blue and white vinyl just use the regular blade and everything set to 3.

I weeded out all the extra on the vinyl sheets and just popped the finger out of the magnet material.

Then I layered all the vinyl on top of each other using the transfer tape. (The transfer tape makes moving images easier and you can see though it a little for positioning).

That’s it, super easy! Don’t feel intimated by the magnet material or vinyl they are both very easy to use.

Window Sticker

cricut decal team spiritWith the Team spirit cartridge you can create your own decals to show off your team spirit.

To make this decal just follow these easy steps.

Supplies needed:

Cricut Team Spirit, vinyl, Cricut machine, transfer tape, and of course a car 🙂

Here’s how I made it: 

Loaded my vinyl onto my Cricut mat, ( I only needed a 6 x 6 square for this image)

Set my cutter to all 3’s (Speed 3, Pressure 3, Blade 3,)

Then cut out the Image out at 5″ (The font is Kate’s ABC’s at .75″)

Then weeded out all the little pieces that you don’t want.

window decalThen transferred my image to the transfer paper.  I did cut off the Go Redmen and put it on separate.

And then put the transfer paper on the window where I wanted the image.

Carefully removed the transfer tape and this is what I got.

I also decorated a composition notebook that I covered in another blog post, using this Team Spirit and the Type Candy Font cartridge.

Please share your Cricut Team Spirit ideas with us or drop in a comment and give us your questions and feedback. Happy creating!