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CHA 2016 – New Products from Simple Stories

by Richelle Naeglescrapbook paper

One of my favorite craft paper companies is Simple Stories. I love how they always have new and innovative designs in their paper stacks! For the past 5 years, Simple Stories cardstock and SN@P! card sets have been setting trends. This year is no different.

As the name suggests, Simple Stories makes products that simplify scrapbooking and card-making. Their smaller albums are a great gift and way to get new/younger scrapbookers going on their paper projects. It’s as easy as inserting a picture with a journaling card, and adding embellishments as you please.

So, what should you be excited for in 2016? I’m about to tell you. Some of these sets are going to sell out so quickly, I can just tell. The one thing about Simple Stories is I never know if we can get more product in or not. If you see something you like, you had better get it then and there.

Hey Pop_CollectionCoverFirst, to the left we have the Hero Scrapbook Collection Kit, which comes with six double sided sheets of paper, two cardstock sticker sheets, and two double-sided cardstock elements sheets.

Hey Pop_CollectionCoverThis convenient kit allows you to create multiple scrapbook pages with a fun, patriotic theme. Show off your reverence and admiration for those who have fought for and defended the freedoms we enjoy in the USA.

Second, to the right we have the Hope Scrapbook Collection Kit, which comes with six double-sided sheets, two cardstock sticker sheets, and two double-sided cardstock elements sheets. This theme is of course for Breast Cancer Awareness and features everything in pink. It will help you make crafts that inspire hope for a brighter future! Both of these great sets are sure to sell out quickly!

lets party 6x6Third, to the left we have the Let’s Party Collection Kit, which comes in both 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″ stacks (not to mention SN@P! sets).

If you love the Simple Stories scrapbooking system, you may want to pick up all 3 components of this collection, because the theme will surely come in handy. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for making layouts for parties and celebrations.SOUCollectionCover2

Fourth, to the right we have the Carpe Diem Collection Kit, which will coordinate with Carpe Diem planners. There is also a 6″ x 6″ stack and either one of them will be great for your paper craft projects. In addition, they released a whole mess of embellishments to use decorating your planner or your scrapbook kit. Embellishments like stickers, chipboard frames, enamel dots, and brads. Right now most of the Carpe Diem Planner collection is in stock! The rest should be arriving soon.

Fifth, (not pictured) the last collection kit is You Are Here!, which comes in 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″ (and SN@P!s). This collection reminds me of vacation time, spending days on the beaches of Hawaii and relaxing! The thought warms my heart in this cold February weather. Let me know which is your favorite paper collection, and if you create something with one of these sets, please share tit with me! I can’t wait to see what you make!

Happy creating!

CHA 2016 – New Cray-Pen System

by Richelle NaegleCray pen project

One of our fun new products this year is the Cray-Pen system! Before attending, we knew we had to see this product because it was on the CHA Hot 20 List and won for the best new Paint & Art product. Naturally, we are super excited to have this product in the store and selling like crazy, as I type! So, what is Cray-Pen tool exactly, and why do you want it? It’s a tool the melts colored wax as you apply it. The copper tip is heated by the tool which melts the wax. The wax dries fast, which enables amazingly vibrant projects. It’s also very affordable.

You can use the Cray-Pen on canvas, paper, glass, wood, metal, plastic or anything else you would paint or color. I got to spend some time coloring this owl (though I didn’t finish) and it was a blast. I love coloring, so this was love at first sight for me. Check out how deep the purple on her (yeah, it’s a she) wings is. You just can’t achieve that shade with a regular crayon. It also gives it a bit of texture. I can’t wait to try this on canvas (also, it would be great for coloring books for adults, which are so fun).

Right now, a friend of mine has the Cray-Pen and her 10 year old daughter is making a school project with it. Long story short, the results so far are awesome and it’s easy and safe for kids to operate. This tool comes with 2 different tips so you have a wide and thin application option. It’s so easy:

  1. Dip the end (once it’s hot) into a colored wax puck – this melts the wax and allows you to use the tip spread it over your surface.
  2. When you are ready to change colors, dip your tip into the the clean out wax, and that will remove the excess colored wax.

Pro tip: mix colors for fun and unique shades for your project.

Their color wax pucks are really inexpensive – they retail for $2.95 and that gives you 6 different colors, but you can also use a regular crayon (this would be really good if you wanted a specific yellow or pink color that isn’t offered by Cray-Pen).

This new system from Cray-Pen is already in-stock and selling well, so hurry and grab yours today and take arts and crafts time to the next level. Once you have tried this Pen, let me know what you think! I can’t wait to see what you create with it!

Happy creating!

CHA 2016 – New Products from We R Memory Keepers

by Richelle Naegle

I always look forward to the new We R Memory Keepers products every year! They are so fun and innovative and they tend to push the limits of the crafting world. This year is no different! They have some great new products, like Ruler Studio, Alphabet Punch boards, a Template Studio Bow, new colors of tote bags, and more. So let’s look at some of these new products from the experts at We R.

Ruler Studio

Rulers 2RulersLet me just say, this is my next home decor project I am doing! I have a whole wall that is not-so-patiently waiting for this product to arrive (should be the mid-end of February – you can pre-order now).

Here is how Ruler Studio works: each package comes with 10 legs. Each of these legs can be bend to make various shapes. So if you look at the picture on the left you see stars and a triangle. To the right a heart, diamond and the letter E. You can just bend each section at the hinge. If you need more you can use the foam dots to add to the design!

After you have it shaped to your liking, you can use lots of embellishments to decorate, such as clips for hanging up pictures, or if you created a frame there is natural string for a clothes line effect – and don’t forget the lights! These fun DIY Rulers come in 3 lengths, 12″, 9″ and 6″ and in a variety, including white, mint, red, and natural. Everything in this collection is available now for pre-order.

Alphabet Punch Board

abc punch boardSecond, we have a new model to add to our collection of punch boards called the Alphabet Punch Board. It makes it easy for you to create banners, signs, bulletin boards, and more! wr_link-punch

The Alphabet Punch will be available from CraftDirect at the end of February, and as with all the other punch boards it will probably sell out quickly so act fast (we should be pre-ordering soon)!

This punch board lets you cut out every letter of the alphabet, numbers from 0-9, and an exclamation mark! To go with this product, they are also releasing a Link Punch so you can easily turn your projects into a cute banner. Make all your We R paper into quick, fun works of craft art.

Totes & Organizers

Black bagsPeach bagsWe R totes are great, in case you don’t know. They have lots of space and features for smart storage of all your craft supplies, including paper, pens, washi tape, punch boards, and so much more.

Their bags and totes are popular and come in a variety of colors and patterns, so no matter what your preferred style is, you can find a tote bag that’s just right for you.

This year they have two new colors: a Blush Dot design (pictured on the right). It’s a light peach and is very pretty! The other is a black and white plaid tote that is (pictured on the left). Both of these bags come in the Fold Up (360) type tote, the matching shoulder bag that is perfect for carrying your 12″ x 12″ paper, as well as the smaller tote bag that is great for embellishments, glue, scissors, and other knick-knacks. This bag is small enough that it will fit easily on your desk to help keep your space organized.

Animal Washi Tape Dispenserswashi holders

These fun Animal Washi Tape dispensers hold 4 rolls of washi tape (they even come with 4 rolls of washi tape). They retail at $14.99 and they are just so cute! Right now they only have the Rhino and Scotty Dog (I hope they come out with more). Pre-order right now!

Staple Board

When I first saw this staple board I didn’t think much of it, but then I watched the rep demo. I totally changed my mind because of the convenience it offers. This set comes with three staplers, small, medium and large, as well as 250 staples, that are three different sizes and four different colors.

The staple board also has a storage compartment, perfect for all your staples. With this staple board, you can staple anywhere on your paper, even in the center of a 12″ x 12″ sheet! I will use this to fix my kids books (that middle page comes out frequently and a normal stapler can’t reach in the crease). Its great when you can use a product in the craft-room as well as around the home. The staple board retails for $19.99 and will be shipping in March. You can watch the demo on how this works here!

Laser Square & Mat

laser squareLast, but not least, we have the Laser Square & Mat. If you are a scrapbooker like me, then you will need this tool! You can actually use it for a variety of craft projects, such as cards, stamps, quilting and just about any other type. This tool is in inches as well as centimeters, and goes from 0″ to 12″. This product has two lasers, one on the top and one on the side and both of them shoot a small laser beam to give you a straight line. When I saw this tool in action, the room was very bright and you could still see the laser. This tool comes with the mat and retails for $40.00 – will be available in March.

I didn’t go into detail about all the products coming out from We R Memory Keepers but I think I covered all the big ones! If I missed something you want to know about, leave me a comment and I will give you all the info I have. There are quite a few paper stacks that will be coming out this year, so keep an eye out for those. Some of them we get in for a very short time and then we are unable to get more in, so if you find something you love, you should definitely grab it while it’s in stock. You never know, it may be gone for good. Next week I’m going to share with you all about the Cray-Pen, which we already have in stock. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Happy creating!

CHA 2016 – New Products from Sizzix

by Richelle Naegle

One of my favorite booths at CHA is always the Sizzix one. They have or the larger booths with open space and they share ides, demonstrations, and you can speak with designers. We have so many new Sizzix products coming out this year, I am only going to worry about January and February in this blog post. We will have all these products available for pre-order a few weeks early (prior to release), so you can be among the first to grab ’em!

January Releasesstamps bundle set

In January, we have the Sizzix stamp sets coming in. There are a total of 15 and most of them are shipping as I write! You can pre-order now and as soon as they arrive we will get them sent your way. You will love the new Sizzix dies.

Pictured to the right are a few ideas of some fun projects you can make using these stamps. My favorite is the Aloha stamp set designed by Jen Long. I love how it all perfectly coordinates together. Combine all the stamps in one project or use them individually. Jen is one of my favorite designers. I really like the projects I have made with her dies (more of those will be released in March!).partry lady sizzix

The other releases for January are from the Where Women Cook line by Jo Packham (pictured to the left). This collection offers some very creative projects and she showed them off with really fun examples.

My favorite are the Tiny Party Hats on the bottles and there were coordinating designs on the cupcake wrappers, both from the Cupcake Wrappers die set. So if you love to throw parties, this is the line for you. All of these Jo Packham designs are currently in-stock and shipping so you don’t have to wait.

February Releases

February will bring us exciting products from a collection of our most popular designers: Tim Holtz, Stephanie Barnard, and Sharyn Sowell. We have some unique and interesting products in store for you.

Crazy Birds

Firs661182t, from Tim Holtz (by far our most popular designer) we have a bunch of new phrase dies coming out: Calendar Words and Daily Words (2 styles of each). Other die sets include Doilies & Lace, Mixed Media #2, and Stitched Ovals, but my absolute favorite from this release is the Detailed Butterflies Thinlits set (pictured to the right). I just think these designs are so beautiful!

The biggest news from Tim Holtz was definitely his release of the Mini Bird Crazy & Things die set and there is a Stampers Anonymous Mini Bird Crazy & Things stamp set. Both will be arriving very soon and you can pre-order our exclusive Mini Bird Crazy bundle deal! The birds range from 1-7/8″ to 2″ tall and 1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″ wide and this time the “Crazy Things” (bird accessories) are included with them. These sets are sure to be a huge hit and we will do our part to keep them in-stock, but there are no guarantees. Pre-order now and we promise to send them out as quickly as we get them in! Check out all of our Tim Holtz Crazy supplies.

Stephanie cards

cute as a bugNext, we have Stephanie Barnard and if you love her Flip-t, Step-up, and 3-D Drop-ins, then you are going to love this new release! Pictured to the right is the Cute-As-A-Bug Framelits card (it also has the phrase Girl so you can make this adorable card for either gender). Her new 3-D Drop-ins include You are Awesome, Thank You, and Thinking of You (all three are Thinlits). She also has Flower Basket, a Scallop Circle Stand-Ups card, and a few other that you will love. These will be available for Pre-Order the first part of February!

Lastly, Sharyn Sowell has some great designs to look forward to. I had the opportunity to speak with her twice. She told me all about how she became a designer for Sizzix, her creative process, and her inspiration. When she is designing, she cuts everything out with a pair of scissors. She simply takes a white piece of paper and starts cutting. The first time I chatted with her, she cut out my profile while I was just standing there. She does amazing work!

With her designs, she tries to create dies that can be used in multiple ways. For example, you can slightly tweak the cuts and make big changes to the design. A couple of her new creations that I am especially excited for are the (1) Utensil Wrapper (yes, you can really fit a couple utensils in it). What a fun way to decorate for a party. and a fun basket that will be perfect for Easter. The (2) other design is the Rose Lace Gatefold that you put in an invitation to create a coordinated party theme.

More to Come

Shiney carI promise you won’t want to miss the March and April releases, so check back soon for that post. Jen Long (you are going to LOVE her new stuff), Tim Holtz, who has a new Crazy coming soon, Lori Whitlock, Brenda Walton, and Jill MacKay. Just a quick preview I can’t keep to myself, but you can make jewelry with your Big Shot system! I can’t wait to share all the fun releases from this product line. It is one of my favorite new releases from anyone this year!

Just for fun, this has nothing to do with product, but it was so fun and cool, I wanted to share it with you! This car was completely covered in craft bling! It was super awesome! I wish I would have kept the flyer from this to tell you how many gems she glued to the car – by hand – one at a time! So crazy.

It’s almost time for the next big Sizzix release. And when I say big, I mean BIG! There are over 50 new Sizzix products coming out in the month of April, and I am super excited about it! Some of you may not have know this, but you can cut leather material with these machines. Now Sizzix is bringing you a line of leather jewelry-making supplies. If Jewlery sizzix 2you already have the Big Shot, all you need is the Movers & Shapers Shuttle (or some of the dies work with the Base Tray). If don’t already own a die-cutting/embossing machine, then I would suggest you get the Big Shot Jewelry Studio edition, which is compatible with all Sizzix dies and embossing folders, not just the jewelry collection.

sizzix leather stripsSo for starters we have 10 new choices in leather material. You have your choice of cow hide and lambskin, and there are 10 unique colors – Metallic Silver cowhide, Denim Lambskin, and even Pink cowhide! All these different leather strips measure 3″ x 9″. Combine these fun leathers together in layers for amazingly creative jewelry designs, just like in the picture you see below.

Jill Mackay

660589 imageJill MacKay is the designer behind this great new line of jewelry-making dies, and to start you off she has created a few fun bracelets in a variety of widths and patterns. My favorite is the Open Work Bracelet. I love the width and layered design on this one. She also has a few designs for necklaces – you can see see a few of them in the image above.

Beyond that, she also has stack pieces so you can cut these fun designs and stack them to create multi-layered projects. My absolute favorite is the Carnation Stack because I can’t wait to make that pink flower bracelet! Doesn’t it look stunning? big shot caddy

I will let you know how mine turns out. I haven’t made jewelry before, mostly because I felt intimidated by them, but Sizzix is making it look so easy. I guess we will see how that goes for me!

Finally, from Jill MacKay we have Findings, which are little metal pieces that you can use to enhance your jewelry with functionality and elegance. You can order the entire line of new Sizzix Jewelry by Jill MacKay right here!

Speaking of accessories! Now you can add a fun accessory to you Big Shot! Sizzix has released a Tool Caddy, which attaches to the side of your Big Shot machine, allowing you to store you accessories conveniently (pens, tape, and of course your color cutting pads, etc.).

This new accessory comes in Black tool caddy or White tool caddy , so you can choose your preferred color.

Tim HoltzTim Holtz

April is also the second release month for Tim Holtz! To the right is an image of some of the projects he created with his new dies.

Included in this release is a font Typo set that comes in both upper case as well as lower case options. There are three new embossing folders that have some of your favorite classic patterns:

Finally, we have some other fun dies from Tim, like the Gearhead Thinlits and the Dapper Bigz die! Oh, the fun you will have creating with these great new dies and folders! There have also been fun additions to the Tim Holtz Village collection.

Lori Whitlock

lori whitlockLast but definitely not least we have Lori Whitlock! She has such fun projects coming out in April. Starting with the Butterfly Lantern and For the Birds die sets – both are great for home decor, party decorations, or even treat boxes.

The Essential Mini Albums die set will allow you to easily create fun Mini albums for any occasion! Lori has many other new die sets that are coming out, so be sure to check out her new line! You’re going to love them!

Well that’s it for the April 2016 Sizzix release! Right now we have everything available for pre-order, so if you order now you will be sure to be among the first to receive this great new line of products! Remember to save on all your favorite dies at CraftDirect.

Happy creating!

Happy creating!

CHA 2016 – New Products from Becky Higgins Project Life

by Richelle NaegleBecky Higgins Richelle & katlyn

This last weekend I got the opportunity to attend the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show in Anaheim, CA. This is the biggest crafting show of the year and it’s where we get a preview of the all the new products coming out (in the next 6 months). We also get lots of info about the hottest products of the year, what’s trending, and then from all that, we (CraftDirect) decide what new products we’re bringing in.

We had so much fun this year and normally I don’t take pictures, but this year I took lots. It was a good time to bring the camera, because I met a lot of my favorite designers and crafters. Pictured to the right in the middle is Becky Higgins (the designer and master mind behind Project Life). She talked to Katlyn and I about all her exciting new product lines for 2016.

cardsHere are two of the new Core kits, the first is the Wander Edition, which will help you to capture the fun of all your travels and adventures. It’s filled with bright and fun cards that encourage you to live in the moment and enjoy everything around you.

cardsThe second is Wonderful Edition and it offers cards with positive quotes, that are lighthearted and inspiring. With hand-drawn lettering, this collection will give your scrapbook that personalized look without the extra work. We are bringing in a few additional Core kits: Currently Edition, Explore Edition, and the Everyday Edition.  380628_PL_ThisandThat_ValueKit_PKG

Finally we have New Value Kits. These card kits are the perfect way to add a little variety to your scrapbook. Above are pictured the two newest ones that have been released. With their being so popular, they have a few more coming out: Lucky Charm, Note to Self, Good Times, Be Fearless, Screen Printed Transparencies, High Five Edition (they are foiled & Die Cut) and my personal favorite the Inspire Edition (this set has stitching on the cards – no sewing machine required)! Most of these sets are scheduled to be released in March of 2016. You will love our selection of Project Life kits.

Now mind you this was only one of the many new products that we have coming in. I have lots more to tell you about. Next will be NEW products from Sizzix.

Happy creating!

Cricut Cartridge Release – CGull Tote Giveaway

cgull tote

Buy your new Cricut cartridges here within 24 hours of release for a chance to win this cartridge tote

by Richelle Naegle

For the foreseeable future, we at CraftDirect plan on giving away a free CGull cartridge tote (regular price is $49.95) to 5 lucky winners every time a new Cricut cartridge is released. Starting Thursday February 5, 2015, we will be drawing 5 winners at random from the group of customers that bought the new cartridge within 24 hours of the release.

Entering the drawing is as easy as picking up a brand new Cricut cartridge. The trick is to stay on top of all the new cartridge releases, and that’s easy if you sign up for our weekly newsletter. Be aware that:

  • New cartridges are typically released on Thursdays at 12 pm MST. It’s not every Thursday, but it’s pretty frequently. If you missed the newsletter, you can check our social media, or come straight to and we will have information about the new cartridge on the home page.
  • Remember, you have to buy the cartridge within 24 hours of the release, so some time between 12 pm MST and Friday at 11:59 am MST.
  • 5 lucky winners will be surprised when they receive their free red CGull cartridge tote (a $49.95 value) with their new Cricut cartridge shipment.
  • If you win, make sure to share a selfie with your new tote on our Facebook page!

Leather CGull cartridge totes are the perfect companion to your Cricut cartridge collection. Each stylish tote can carry and store up to 72 Cricut cartridges so you will never misplace another cartridge again.

Be sure to keep checking back every Thursday in 2015 to see if a new cartridge is being released and good luck! We reserve the right to run a different promotion on any given release in 2015, but you can expect this to be pretty standard throughout the year. Check out the Ultimate machine tote, which can store you Cricute Explore Air, another machine, tools, embellishment, and all kinds of patterned paper.

Happy creating!

Anna Griffin Embossing Folders Giveaway

anna griffin embossing foldersby Richelle Naegle

**Update ** – The winner by random draw is Renee Marie (@PinkNayNay). Congratulations Renee.  We will be contacting you via Twitter. We only had 14 contestants enter, so stay tuned for the next giveaway. Your odds of winning may be pretty good.

Original post 6/19/14:

It’s that time again. It’s been a while since we did a giveaway, so we decided to do an awesome one!  We are excited to announce the release of a brand new Anna Griffin product, the Cricut Summer Soirees cartridge. So to celebrate the new cartridge, we are hosting a contest with the prize being a bundle set of classic Anna Griffin embossing folders for your Cuttlebug machine.

The folders included in the bundle are are:

To enter (detailed instructions below) all you have to do is post about the new Anna Griffin cartridge on Twitter. We realize most of our customers are on Facebook, but with recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings, we are unable to track hashtags (meaning we can’t see your post), which makes it impossible to run contests through their social platform. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is really nothing we can do about it.

Contest Rules

You must tweet a message about the new Anna Griffin cartridge, include the appropriate hashtag (we will not be able to track your tweet without it), and include a link to the new cartridge. We are closing the contest at midnight MST on Tuesday, June 24. You only have 5 days to enter, so act fast. Detailed instructions on how to enter to win the Anna Griffin embossing folders are found below:

Instructions for Entry

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. After you log into twitter, you will see the text field to the left of the page that will allow you to compose your tweet:screen shot of how to enter - step 1
  2. Write a short message (whatever you want) about the new cartridge:screen shot of how to enter - step 3
  3. Include the hashtag #annagriffincraftdirect (very important – without this we will not be able to track your post):screen shot of how to enter - step 3
  4. Include the URL shot of how to enter - step 4
  5. Click the blue “tweet” button in the bottom right hand corner and you’re all set!

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter

We hope that you participate and we are excited to find out who the winner is. We really appreciate our customers and love to give back. We recognize that you keep us in business, which allows us to do what we love for a living. If you don’t win the Anna Griffin embossing folders, there will be other contests in the near future! Save on all Cricut Cuttlebug supplies.

Win CGull Embossing Folders

by Richelle Naegle

3/18/14 Contest Update: Congratulations to the winners

  • Jaydena McKanthur
  • Karen Wilde
  • Valerie Peek Breingan
  • Marie-Claude Akeson
  • Julie Beckert

Contest Info

To simultaneously celebrate national craft month and announce the new Cricut cartridge we are hosting a giveaway. 5 will be selected as winners and the prize is 6 CGull embossing folders for each winner!!!

To enter all you have to do is share a link and a hashtag on Facebook or Google+, and you can enter twice if you post to both social networks. (See instructions at bottom of article)

Home for the Holidays – Spring & Summer Cricut Cartridge

The giveaway is in conjunction with the announcement of the latest Cricut cartridge, called Home for the Holidays – Spring and Summer.  If you like to keep your house festive all year round then this is one cartridge that you will want to add to your collection. With great home décor projects for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and the 4th of July, decorating your home all year round just got a little easier.  Whether you are into making garland for your summer parties or want to try your hand at making custom throw pillows with iron on vinyl. The Home for the Holiday’s – Spring & Summer Cricut Cartridge is perfect for you.

How to Enter (Facebook)

The instructions are very simple.  All you have to do is go to your Facebook newsfeed and:

  1. say what you think about the new cartridge,
  2. this step is so important: you have to hashtag your post so that we can find and track it…hashtag it #craftdirecthomefortheholidays
  3. share a link to like this:
    cgull giveaway
  4. Click the “Post” button in blue at the bottom right.

How to Enter (Google+)

I’ll provide more detailed steps for Google+ because less users are familiar with it:

  1. On your Google+ page find a sharing module that appears like so:
  2. Select the “Link” icon.
  3. In the field labeled “Attach:” add the link
  4. You must remember to include the hashtag and your thoughts on the cartridge.  Without the hashtag we will not be able to track your post, so include #craftdirecthomefortheholidays
  5. Choose share, the green button on the bottom left.

Check Back Tuesday for the Announcement of the Winners

The contest closes Monday night at 11:59 pm ET. Be sure to share a link on both social networks to double your chance of winning. If you don’t win, stay tuned. We will have plenty more opportunities with our giveaways in celebration of National Craft month. Check out the amazing CGull totes. Happy creating!

New Creative Everyday Cards Cartridge

by Richelle Naegle
Creative Everyday Cards Cricut Cartridge
Are you ready for a NEW Cricut cartridge? I am I always love when new cartridges come out, especially a cards cartridge because then images are not only designed to cut out small for cards, but they always work great for scrapbook layouts as well. Some of my favorite cards on this cartridge are the honeybee combs with the bees as well as the hot air balloons Good Luck card. This cartridge also has 5 new envelope designs. Making it easy for you to send your cards out with style.

If you are like me and so excited about the new Creative Everyday Cards Cricut cartridge then you are sure you can find it for a great price on our website, we are releasing this cartridge at $21.95 So pick your cartridge up today before it goes back to our regular everyday low prices of $22.95.

Creative Everyday Cards Cricut Cartridge imagesAfter you get your cartridge in the mail and you break our your Cricut Machine be sure to share with all of us your Creative Everyday Card ideas so that you can inspire all of us with your talent. Speaking of talent. Wow I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your cards with us this week. I LOVE them so much you ladies are truly talented! Thank you for inspiring me. Please keep them coming us the Google Paper Crafting Fanatics Page to share your talent with us and hint we are going to be doing more giveaway for sharing with us. Be sure to check out our next giveaway that just started today and will go through Monday! Save on Cricut with

Creative Everyday Cards Cricut Cartridge Giveaway

Wish we could give everyone a cartridge but we can’t, so the random Winner of the Creative Everyday Cards Cricut Cartridge is….

by Jacqueline Crawford

by Jacqueline Crawford

Congratulations  please send us an email at with your info so we can get your cartridge shipped out.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at all these amazing cards please take a chance to go over the Paper Crafting Fanatics Google page and check them out.

Here are just a few of some of the staff’s favorite cards.

Winnie the Pooh Card

by Leslee Adams

thank you card

by Deborah Moss

by Linda Harris

by Linda Harris

by Kathy Hartke

by Kathy Hartke

Thank you to everyone who participated! We here at have really enjoyed seeing all your beautiful cards!

Enter to Win a NEW Cricut Cartridge

by Richelle Naeglenew cricut cartridge

Want to be among the first to own the NEW Cricut cartridge that will be released this Thursday? Well then this is the contest for you! This cartridge is a secret, so we can’t even tell you the name or what’s on the cartridge. All we can tell you is that it offers the quality and versatility you have come to expect from Cricut. You will definitely want to add this to your collection, and it will be available February 20th so keep an eye out for it!

How to Enter:

  1.  Post a picture of a card you have made to our Paper Crafting Fanatics Google + Community by noon this Thursday, February 20th
  2.  We will randomly select an entrant to win this new Cricut cartridge

Good luck and we can’t wait to see all your beautiful cards! Check back with us on Thursday to find out more about this wonderful new cartridge and as always you can take advantage of our low prices on Cricut cartridges.