foundations decor zuhause gnome home finished project

by Nathan

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're looking for the perfect gift, why not get your bestie a fun craft project? Foundations Decor has got you covered as far as home decor kits go. You've got to check out the Olive and Odi, and Zuhause Gnome Home projects. Foundations Decor makes all kinds of fun themes and projects, and they have three different gnome kits:

Gnomes are so cute and have been a popular sight in home decor since the 1870s. Some people believe they bring protection. Whatever your reason for incorporating them, you will love these Foundation Decor projects. My sister is an artist and she is obsessed with gnomes. When I saw Zuhause and Olive and Odi, I knew she had to have them. I sent them to her and she got to work right away, and now we get to share the final product!

Zuhause, Odi, and Olive Project Details

The gnome couple, Olive and Odi, are made of 1.25" pine and MDF layers. They are 7.5" tall and go great Gnome Home.

The gnome home is an imaginative piece. It is 8.5" tall and made of 1.25" Pine and MDF layers.

Most of our readers would probably decorate these kits with paper, but my sister is not a big paper crafter. She is much more comfortable painting, so she used acrylic paints because they are great on wood surfaces. She's an expert on this sort of thing, and you're going to realize that when you see how good it looks.

foundations decor zuhause gnome home project in progress

I love what she did with the mushroom's body. She used white and a little brown to make it look like a real mushroom. For the roof, she used red and white that's become commonplace in this sort of art. It has a homey feel to it because of the yellow windows that make the inside look like a well-lit room. Note how my sister used muted tones on the house and more vibrant ones on the gnomes to make the couple stand out. I think the contrast is awesome.

foundations decor odi and olive gnomes finished project

The female gnome is giving off that approachable and fun Mom vibe, which I love. The male gnome has the traditional look, and I'm guessing Olive is the life of the party in that couple. The mini mushrooms are a nice touch.

All Finished

foundations decor zuhause gnome home and odi and olive gnomes finished project

All done with the art! The colors compliment each other well. The project totally gives off a fun vibe. She's planning on putting a seal on it, then using it as outdoor decor on the back patio. Look at the trees in her window. The gnomes are going to fit right in.

I hope you liked this project. We have other gnome-themed products, too. Be sure to check them out:

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