by Richelle Naegle

This year at the CHA show we found a bunch of great products. Some are new and some are just new to us, but nonetheless, we are super excited about all the new product lines we have been adding to our inventory!


spellbinders die and stamp sets are new to CraftDirectWe will start with Spellbinders. We know many of our customers love Sizzix dies, so we decided it was time to bring in more options from some of these great collections, such as Flower Garden by Sharyn Sowell. This collection features intricately cut dies so you can adorn your cards with blossoming paper flowers. Some of our other collections include Sew Sweet by Tammy Tutterow and Elegant 3D Vignettes, which features 3D cards that have multiple beautiful layers. Don't miss out on my favorite die types, the Die D-Lites. These simple die sets make it easy for you to create wonderful cards, scrapbook embellishments, and more! We have fun themes, like pizza, Sketched Flowers, a Hip Llama, pandas, dinosaurs, succulents, etc.  The fun and playful side of me likes this new March collection, The Perfect Match. If you like the whimsical side of life and "punny" cards, you will love that collection (by Debi Adams).

Uchi's Design (Motion Crafts)

For all you card-makers out there, we know how much you loved the action wobbles we used to carry. By adding a simple spring to your card, you could watch your project come to life! Now you can take your card to the next level again, with Uchi's Design Animation stamps and dies! Check out this fun video to see how these cards work:

me & my BIG ideas

Next, we have me & my BIG ideas planners (MAMBI)! When we saw these planners at the show, I fell in love with them immediately. I love how easy and simple they are to add extra sheets, or take them out, how easy they are to customize, and mostly how beautiful they are. These planners are available in 3 sizes. The MINI planner is perfect for those who want to fit a planner into their purse. While we have some of these planners in stock now, there are also a lot more coming in an April release, so be sure to sign up for our emails so you will be the first to know when these fun NEW planners are in-stock. The other planner options are BIG and CLASSIC.

Websters Pages

We are also bringing in the Color Crush collection from Webster's Pages. These beautiful planners come in a variety of styles and sizes. They include A5 and Personal planners, for those of us who like a smaller planner. My favorite ones are actually the Traveler planners, which measure  5.75" x 8.75" . If you are looking for something smaller, check out the  Pocket Traveler planners these planners measure 3.5" x 5.5" perfect even for someone with a small purse making it easy for everyone to take these fun planners with you.

Traveler planners are the perfect on-the-go size planners. Simply slide in a traveler notebook that is held on by a rubber band in the center, and you are good to go. The Traveler planners are great for making notes thought the day, or even for keeping your journal or a making a small scrapbook. These planners also have a rubber band that goes around the outside making sure all the contents are secure. You can easily add more booklets, too.


make stunning jewelry with ImpressArtFinally, we have the product I am most excited about, ImpressArt! If you have every wanted to make your own jewelry, but were afraid to because it seemed an overwhelming task, then check out ImpressArt! I think you will change your mind. These tools make it so easy and quick to make jewelry, you just may have found your new hobby. Have ever seen or done leatherwork where you just stamp a design into the leather? Well this is very similar, using the jewelry stamps and a Metal Stamping Hammer you simply hammer the jewelry stamp into the metal jewelry blanks. This is a fun way to personalize your own necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

So tell me what are you most excited for? Or if you have seen a fun new product that I missed please leave a comment and let me know, so I can check it out. Maybe we will even have to bring it to our store.

Happy creating!