New Box It Up Cricut Cartridge

by Richelle Naegle

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Do you love new Cricut cartridges as much as I do? Well then you should be as excited as I am to get your hands on the new Cricut Box it Up cartridge. This cartridge reminds me a lot of the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridges, which I absolutely LOVE! With this new cartridge you will be able to cut out 50 new boxes, with some including larger boxes for things like wine bottles, storage boxes, and maybe storage boxes for organizing your favorite embellishments, or my personal favorite, boxes to enclose home-made treats.

Some of the images on this new Box it Up Cricut cartridge includes boxes with patterns like dots, chevron, honeycomb, fireworks, hounds tooth, or boxes that say yum, cookies, and family, just to name a few. So whatever your holiday or occasion, the Cricut Box It Up cartridge will sure to be a hit with everyone.

Box It Up Features

To the left is one of my favorite boxes on this cartridge. Of course I wouldn’t do it in these colors, but I absolutely love the idea of the long or tall boxes.They are perfect for all those odd shaped gifts like scarves, ties, jewelry, or even great for loose candy. This box also reminds me of paper lanterns. I will definitely have to try to make cardstock lanterns with this cartridge. I think some of these boxes will be perfect for that!

Let me know what you think of this cartridge, including what you are excited to make.  When you get your cartridge share your first project with me on Google+ on our Paper Crafting Fanatics page. That’s what that page is all about.  We want to be able to interact and engage with other crafting fanatics. Being able to share our creativity with each other to inspire each other with your paper crafts. I will be sure to share all the fun projects I make with the fun new Box it Up cartridge.

Here are some of the great boxes you can make with this cartridge!

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7 thoughts on “New Box It Up Cricut Cartridge

  1. Anne

    I own this cartridge, and I like it alot……That being said, I made the Heart box, the box came out great but when I made cut the top the same size as the box it was just huge. How do I know what size to cut the lid. Help! I want to make more.


    1. admin Post author


      Make sure that your size is the same, so if you are cutting it out at 5″ make sure the lid is cut out at 5″ and that your real dial size it turned off. I hope that helps 🙂


    1. admin Post author

      Yes you can use it on your imagine. It won’t print obviously but it will cut the great boxes out!

  2. Barbie

    Wondering if there are actual direction on how to properly fold these boxes, I find the booklets that come with the cartridge very confusing- thank you in advance for your guidance.

    1. Sheila Smith

      I have the same question. Not sure how to fold the honeycomb box now that I have it cut. How do the 4 sides come together?

      1. admin Post author

        You fold the little tabs over and glue them to the next section of the box clear as mud huh? 🙂 So if you have the two sides of the boxes stand them so they are facing the same direction and then the edges have smaller tabs on the side you fold those and glue that to the inside of the other one so that when you glue both of them together it forms a square. The sold rectangles go behind the honeycomb cut out. I hope that was helpful and not more confusing 🙂 Let me know


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