NCAA Finals Tournament Update – Curio Giveaway

Wow, what an exciting tournament! A buzzer beater to win it all determined which 7 of you were eligible for the grand prize. Great job with your picks, everyone! We hope that this exercise made the tournament a little more exciting for you. It definitely made it more exciting for us.


Since 7 contestants chose the Villanova Wildcats, we were forced to pull three of those names out of a hat to determine the winners of the Silhouette Curio machines. The three winners are:

Karen Benedict – Villanova
Lela Marie Ray Russo – Villanova
Mary Anne Descant Dubrock – Villanova

For the other four who picked Villanova, all is not lost. You each just won 5 rolls of CGull vinyl! Your names are:

Cheryl Roosma – Villanova
Dorlene M Durham – Villanova
Janie LaCasella – Villanova
Melodie Hengst Paul – Villanova

So to collect your prize, the easiest way to get things going is to contact us through Facebook private messaging. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks to all for participating.