by Richelle NaegleHalloween Decor minc projects

I am so ready for Halloween to be here! Last night we had a little crafting party and so I decided I would show off the MINC foil laminating system and the cool things that you can do with it. I came ready with my favorite MINC reactive foil and accessories. You can't go wrong with any of them, but I chose the:

  • Crate Paper After Dark stickers
  • Pebbles Boo treat Bags
  • Pebbles Boo Gallery Prints
  • Pebbles Boo Banners

Halloween Banner

When you incorporate themed Orange and Holographic foil, you get a brilliant finish to your designs like with this fun Halloween decor. Sorry for the photo quality: apparently foil does not photograph very well, particularly the holographic material. It kind of gives it a rainbow look.

bannerHere is a shot of the banner. I didn't like the square corners so I used a corner rounder to give them a little bit of a softer look.

The hit of the night was the treat bags, I'm pretty sure it was because there were treats in them, but these fun bags are large enough for a big cookie or quite a bit of treats. It's perfect if you have a kids' Birthday party coming up. You'll have enough room to give them just enough goodies!

The MINC Gallery Prints are a lot of fun and a great decoration, I know we have some that are not holiday-themed as well as some for Halloween and Christmas (which should be in very soon), these prints are a lot of fun, I just put them up on easels however you could also frame them or clip them on a clipboard and you have a fun home decor project that shines.

I hope you enjoy all your Halloween parties and if you are hosting, think of incorporating foil in your decorating, and using the Heidi Swapp system to create amazing MINC Halloween projects. We have tons of Heidi Swapp Halloween products, including the Marquee Love kits (not foil-related).

I made all these fun decorations in about 30 minutes, so they are great even for last-minute party decorations.

Happy Halloween creating!