Interchangeable Embossing Folders by CGull

By Richelle Naegle

I recently got a hold of some new Embossing Folders that are unlike any other that I have ever seen. They are Interchangeable embossing folders by CGull this is the company that makes the fabulous rolling totes for Cricut machines. Here are the two folders they have released, thus far:

Banner Interchangeable Embossing Folder

interchangeable_foldersThis first is the Banner interchangeable embossing folder (with  5 sayings) that you can pop into banner part of the folder. With this one embossing folder you can emboss the Thank You, Thinking of You, It’s a Party, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations.  All with one pass through your embossing machine. These dies will work with most embossing machines such as the cuttlebug, eBosser, and many others.

Then if you wanted you could even add some kind of embellishment to the center frame or just leave it plain. Here is my simple sample of what you can make with them. I kept these super simple so you can see what you can make with these fun embossing folders without adding any extra work or detail to them. I just embossed each of the sayings with the folder and then lightly inked each one so they would stand out a little. Super easy.

5 piece embossing cards

All of these cards were made using the 5 piece embossing folder from CGull.

Note: On this 5 piece one it has one side of the embossing folder as well as one of the interchangeable name plates marked with an A so you can make sure it is on the correct side, this side slips in easily the side that is not marked with an A doesn’t slip in easily you need to run it though your embossing machine once with it sitting in place but not inset into the folder. The machine will gently push it it and doesn’t damage the folder or the insert. It was really very easy and they just pop back out when your done with one saying and ready for the next.

Polka Dot Interchangeable Embossing Folder


The second one and my favorite is the Polka Dot Interchangeable embossing folder and it has three sayings Happy Birthday, Thank You, and Congratulations, so clearly you will be using this folder year round.

On this folder, the embossing plates quickly pop in and out of the folder and you don’t need to run it through the machine to secure them into place.

Here are the cards I made with these folders and again I kept them super simple so yo can see just what the embossing folder can do. I absolutely love this Interchangeable Embossing folder. Without having to do anything extra this card is completely finished.

embossing 3

Card made with the Polka Dot Interchangeable Embossing Folders

Embossing enables you to quickly make a bunch of these cards in no time at all. I made all 8 of the cards from start to finish in about 20 minutes, and really inking them took up most of that time. But if you were making a bunch of the same one you could probably do quite a few very quickly, and very inexpensively. The interchangeable embossing folders retail for $7.99 making them about the same price as other embossing folders, except your getting 3 or 5 for the price of 1.

Share Your Thoughts on Interchangeable Embossing Folders

I could go on all day about these fun new folders but I want to know what you think of  the new interchangeable embossing folders by CGull? Leave your comments below good or bad your initial thoughts about them. Save on patterned cardstock as well as embossing folders at Don’t forget that most of all they are known for CGull totes that make crafters’ lives much easier.

Happy creating

6 thoughts on “Interchangeable Embossing Folders by CGull

  1. Milagros

    I think it’s a wonderful idea,I want them already, when can I get my hands on them? Can’t wait.

  2. MrsT

    I just received mine and have worked very little with them. The only negative that I have to say about them is concerning the polka dot one. They did so perfectly on the other one marking it with an A so that you know which one goes in which side. I don’t understand why they didn’t do the same with the polka dot – such a simple solution. How do I easily know which way the plates fit into that one. Otherwise fabulous concept and what fun!

    1. admin Post author

      Hello thanks for the review. I agree I forget what side goes in which. I just felt the green part and found the bumpy side and the bumpy side of the white one. You could use a black sharpie and write the A on both of the bumpy sides to make it easier. 🙂 But I will let them know that suggestion it’s a great idea!

  3. Danita O'Leary

    Can you tell me how to use these interchangeable folders with the ebosser? I can’t seem to find the correct combination, it just pushes the folder out as it’s going through the embosser. Thanks!

    1. admin Post author


      When I use the eBosser I use the following sandwich. “C” “B” Embossing Folder with Paper “D” Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


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