product image of precision base plateby Richelle Naegle

If you have tried to cut with wafer-thin dies, you may have had trouble with the Big Shot machines and some of the accessories. Sizzix has heard their customers complain of a misunderstanding in exactly how to use the Sizzix Precision Base Plate, and they have provided these best practices recommendation that should make things loud and clear. From the manufacturer (paraphrasing):

Tips and Tricks:

  • To increase the life of the cutting pad used in conjunction with the Precision Base Plate users need to rotate the placement location of the die on the cutting pad. Do not place the die in the same place every time. This will greatly reduce the useful life of the cutting pads. Instead, rotate the orientation of the dies on the cutting pad so that it rotates all around. After each cut, flip the top cutting pad and use the opposite side.
  • The Precision Base Plate is not a replacement for the bottom-cutting pad, it should only be used with intricate Thinlits dies. They are wafer-thin and won't fit as regular Sizzix dies.
  • Do not add shims to the sandwich. If an intricate Thinlits die does not completely cut on the first pass, it may require an additional pass.
  • Works with Standard and Extended Platforms only. NOT recommended for use with the Magnetic Platform.
  • The Precision Base Plate is NOT recommended for use with the Big Shot Plus. The Plus has step rollers technology and does not require the additional metal plate to cut intricate dies.

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Thinlits are also great for embossing (if you use a silicone rubber sheet and an Impressions pad) or you can do it the old fashioned way with Sizzix embossing folders. You can also use Thinlits to stencil. Hopefully, that was helpful. Save on all Sizzix accessories right here at, and as always, Happy creating!