by Richelle Naegle

If you are on the market for a small Cricut cutter that is easily portable and very affordable the Cricut Mini is the perfect machine for those who are limited on crafting space. Today we will look at how to use the Cricut Mini, in just a few easy steps you will be up and running and creating your own crafty cards, scrapbook layouts, home décor and more.

What Is a Cricut Mini?

cricut mini cutterThe Cricut Mini is a slimmed down version of the original Cricut machine. With the big differences being that this machine does not have a keypad or digital display making the Cricut Mini the perfect machine for those who want to either use the Cricut Gypsy or the Cricut craftroom. The cutting mat for this machine is 8.5 x 12 instead of the larger 12” x 12” or the original Cricut at 6” x 12”

This very lightweight machine is easy to pick up even though there are no handles. The dimensions of the machine are approximately 15.5” long and about 7” wide and about 4” high. And only two buttons, the larger one being the power button and the smaller on the load and unload mat button. The machine also comes with over 500 free images and 40 project ideas, (you must log into the Cricut craft room to use these images), you can also purchase any of the other great Cricut cartridges we offer, they will also work with the Cricut Mini.

The Setup

To use the Cricut Mini you will have to download the Cricut craft room to your computer (Windows or Mac). The machine has to be connected to your computer then you are ready to get started. Learning and using the Cricut craft room will have to be another tutorial at another time. This machine also comes with a Welcome packet that includes detailed instruction and 4 sheets of cardstock so you can start creating right away.

That’s it! In just a few easy steps you know how to use a Cricut Mini. If you have the Cricut products and would like to let us know what you like and dislike about the machine we would appreciate it. We are always looking to hear from our customers what they think about the products we carry.