by Richelle Naegle

This is one of the easiest home decor solutions. Check out the Heidi Swapp Star Lanterns. These fun, starry decorations are not only inexpensive, but they are so easy to assemble.

paper star lanterns completed

They can be used with or without the lights. I should note, the lights come in blue, green, red, orange, and white. They are not included with the star lantern, so you can choose your own preferred color if you decide to light it up.

Here is what it looks like straight out of the package. You will want to fan the points out a little bit and on the light pull out the white tab on the light (save the tab you can  put it back in it to save your battery).


Second attach the light to the rope hanger of the star. The light has a thin string to make it easy to attach the light.step2

Last, pull the string tighter while gently pulling up on the star to help it get into shape. You can also 'fluff" your star by gently squeezing the edges to make the star more full. Sometimes the small points get a little stuck together.step3

Some of the star lanterns have eight points, and to me, they look more like a snowflake than a star. When you add lights to these lanterns, they are the perfect decoration in dark rooms and outdoors.

I love the American Crafts Heidi Swapp Star Lanterns and can't wait to use them for my next outdoor party! They will work for any occasion, so get creative. If you find that you love her home decor projects, you will want to check out the following, as well:

Happy creating!