Hey there friends, this month we are happy to have Christi back doing blog posts for us after a short hiatus. We love her projects! To do this particular project, all you need is an electronic cutting machine and colored cardstock. If you like this Halloween card project, please share it with your friends in social media. You can download the project at the bottom of the post.

front view of little wild things halloween card completed

How to Make This Card

Hello folks! Christi here, from Scrapbooking for Tranquility. It's almost Halloween and I wanted to send out a few homemade cards to some of my favorite families. Truth be told, I don't need my arm twisted, so any excuse to make some fun cards will do. I really love the card Aaron from CraftDirect made called Little Wild Things. I thought that with a bit of personal tweaking, I could make it into something more unique and equally delightful.

My instructions reference things I cut out of the design, so I've included an image of the concept here next to my instructions.

  1. little wild things card concept completedIn scal 4 on my Silhouette CAMEO, I made those adorable little monsters, the moon, and bats using paper from the World tour Value Pack.
  2. Then I took the hillside with the Little Wild Things cut out of it and placed it on my cutting mat.
  3. Then I took a horizontal rectangle and place it over the bottom of the hill to the point where it covered the phrase "Little Wild Things".
  4. I then grouped the rectangle and the hill together. Once they are grouped you go to Path, Back minus front. This will take off the bottom of the hill where the wording is and leave the top of the hill.
  5. I then sized the height of the hill back to the normal height it was before I took the words out.
  6. I then sized the width to the width I needed to fit my card. After all that was done, I made my title in Scal 4.

I generally stayed true to the original design with my choices in colors, but you can re-imagine it however you want. For example, I thought it might be fun to make one of the monsters spotted or to give one extra arms.

back view of halloween card completed

Finishing Touches

To finish my project off, I signed the card "From the Witch, Werewolf, and their 3 little monsters" on a cream-colored piece of cardstock. I simply printed it from my printer through Microsoft Word. I will go through and sign each card by hand as I send them out.

Thank you for joining me again for another blog post here at CraftDirect and I will see you again soon!

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