Final 4 NCAA Tournament Update – Curio Giveaway

We are impressed by how many of our participants remain in the running. 12.5% of you are still alive in this tournament. Nobody picked Syracuse, though! They are the first 10 seed to ever make the Final 4, so it came as a surprise to everyone, even the most knowledgeable experts. Great job with your picks, everyone!

final 4 curio giveaway

Everyone listed here has won a 10% off coupon, so if you chose North Carolina, Villanova, or Oklahoma, contact us via Facebook private messaging and give us your email. We will reply to your email with the coupon code. Come back here next Tuesday (April 5th) to find out who the grand prize winners of the 3 Silhouette Curios are!

Final 4 Winners

Barbra Varali – North Carolina
Belinda dixson – Oklahoma
cheryl roosma – Villanova
connie st germain – North Carolina
debbie reynolds king – North Carolina
Dorlene M Durham – Villanova
Emily Clark Vinyard – Oklahoma
helen jones – North Carolina
Janie LaCasella – Villanova
Jessica Ellsworth – North Carolina
Karen Benedict – Villanova
lela marie ray russo – Villanova
mary anee descant dubrock – Villanova
melodie hengst paul – Villanova
nicole deabreu – Oklahoma
Regina Aker Alston – North Carolina
rentia aker sanders – North Carolina
teresa caldwell larkin – North Carolina
tiffany kent – North Carolina
Traci McConachie- Kendrick – Oklahoma
tyler montogomery – North Carolina
vivian ad – North Carolina
walaika haskins – North Carolina
Wendy Olson – Oklahoma