by Richelle Naegle
type candy cartridge plate project
Check out the various projects we have completed using the Cricut Type Candy Font cartridge and submit your own projects. Though it's an older cartridge, it works with newer machines, like the Cricut Explore Air.

Spring Is in the Air

To make this fun home decor project you will need a regular ceramic plate and some vinyl. The Spring is in the Air is obviously from the Type Candy cartridge “Spring and Air” is cut out at 1.10” and “is in the” is cut out at 1”. Cricut makes it so easy to come up with fun designs.

The flower is from Tie the Knot cartridge at 1.75” and the Circles are from George and Basic Shapes (but you can use any cartridge that has circles) they are cut out at 1”,  0.75” and 0.50” then just placed randomly around the plate.

Put your own spin on it and share the results.

type candy cartridge card i love youI Love You Card

I have to say this is one of my favorite Valentine cards, I don't know why it just is.

This fun Valentine's card is 5" x 7". The great thing about it is you can make it with just about any cartridge with basic shapes.

The squares are cut out at 0.75” and come from George and Basic Shapes. The text is cut out at 0.50” from Type Candy.

And the heart is cut out at 0.50" from George. If you don’t have these, you can probably find something suitable from your collection.

Notebook Decoration

notebook decorated by type candyEver have one of the books, not to fun, just a boring notebook.  Well, today I'll tell you how to turn this simple book into a personalized notebook that anyone would love!

The first thing to do is cover the cover with a little bit of mod podge, make sure you get all the edges.  Lay your sheet of paper down over the book, and trim off any excess paper you have.  ( Don't forget to cover the back as well).

Then apply another thin coat of mod podge over the top of the paper. Allow it to dry. You can do this while you use your Cricut to cut out any embellishments you want to add to it.

For mine, I made it for a cute girl who is in High School their mascot is the wolf and their colors are blue and gold. So I made the theme of the book around those three things.decorated notebook

The EHS is cut out from Plantin' Schoolbook at 1.75" and Go Wolfs is cut out from Type Candy using the Sugar Script font at 1"

The wolf is cut out from Team Spirit cartridge at 4" along with all his layers.

The flower was cut out from the Flower Shoppe cartridge the flower petals go from 2.50" to 0.50" and then put a flower button on the top.

I used two ribbons with the school colors to give it some dimension and this is how it turned out

I think she will love it!  Hope that we inspired you to make your own school spirit book if you do leave me a comment with your blog and I would love to come and see. Please share with us your Cricut Type Candy cartridge ideas. Save on all Cricut cartridges at