by Richelle Naegle
cricut team spirit vinyl project
Check out the various projects we have completed utilizing the Cricut Team Spirit cartridge. From vinyl to magnets to window stickers, you can take your Team Spirit projects a number of different directions.

For this project, I used a bunch of Cricut Vinyl on different things, just to give you some inspiration on some great projects you can create with Team Spirit.

I did the binder, with the wolf at 5 inches.

The black object is a locker caddy that has a magnet on the back so you can hang within your locker and put your pencils or candy bars or whatever in it. It is cut out at 3 inches.

The blue sports bottle has a bulldog that was cut out at 2 inches.

And finally, the drinking cup with straw has a bear (3 inches), and in this case, I added the background layer.

Team Spirit Magnet

team spirit cricut magnetShow your team spirit with this great magnet. These magnets are easy to make and are great for homecoming and other occasions. Get Cricut magnet material cheap here, online (you can also try Silhouette magnet paper).

This is the first one I have made and I have to admit that I was very intimate, but it ended up being a pretty straight-forward task. I don't know what I was worried about.  I think it turned out great.

Supplies you'll need:

The Team Spirit cartridge, Cricut vinyl ( I used Yellow, Blue, and White), transfer tape, a new or very sticky cutting mat, and a deep cut blade and housing.

Now that you have all your desired materials organized you are ready to proceed with the project.

I cut the magnet material to about a 5 x 5 square and also the yellow to about 5 x 5 square, and covered the magnet with the yellow vinyl. Then loaded it into my Cricut machine.

I cut the finger out at 4" on the yellow vinyl using the deep cut blade housing with the pressure set to 6 and the blade set to 6. The speed was set to 2,  then using a multi-cut of 3 I cut out the magnet material.magnet materials cricut

For the blue and white vinyl just use the regular blade and everything set to 3.

I weeded out all the extra on the vinyl sheets and just popped the finger out of the magnet material.

Then I layered all the vinyl on top of each other using the transfer tape. (The transfer tape makes moving images easier and you can see through it a little for positioning).

That's it, super easy! Don't feel intimated by the magnet material or vinyl they are both very easy to use.

Window Sticker

With the Team spirit cartridge, you can create your own decals to show off your team spirit.

To make this decal just follow these easy steps.

Supplies needed:

Cricut Team Spirit, vinyl, Cricut machine, transfer tape, and of course a car :)

Here's how I made it: 

Loaded my vinyl onto my Cricut mat, ( I only needed a 6 x 6 square for this image)

Set my cutter to all 3's (Speed 3, Pressure 3, Blade 3,)

Then cut out the Image out at 5" (The font is Kate's ABC's at .75")

Then weeded out all the little pieces that you don't want.

window decalThen transferred my image to the transfer paper.  I did cut off the Go Redmen and put it on separate.

And then put the transfer paper on the window where I wanted the image.

Carefully remove the transfer tape and this is what I got.

I also decorated a composition notebook that I covered in another blog post, using this Team Spirit and the Type Candy Font cartridge.

Please share your Cricut Team Spirit ideas with us or drop in a comment and give us your questions and feedback. Save on all Cricut products at CraftDirect. Happy creating!