by Richelle Naegle
cricut sweet tooth boxes ideas
I love advent calendars, and so this year I decided to make my own, and after lots of searching, I came up with this wonderful idea. I used the Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge to make a “cake-like” advent calendar, that way every day can have something inside of it. You can add treats, scriptures, or fun Christmas Activities.

To make this calendar I used the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge, for the boxes, Plantin Schoolbook for the circles and numbers and paper lace 2 for the background for the numbers. Of course, I used Cricut cardstock paper for my material.

I cut the boxes and the lids out at 5" This way you can get 4 boxes out of each 12 x 12 sheet. To make it easier you can use a paper pack combo so that all the paper matches, for the lids I just used regular white paper. Carefully fold and glue all the boxes together, you can score them if you want to or your paper is cracking a lot. Remember to cut out 24 of these, and if you are using double-sided paper you can flip some of them over so that you have different designs on your boxes.

The circles are 1.25" and the numbers are .60" using my Gypsy to put the numbers in the circles. You need to make and cut out the numbers 1-24

The flowery background image is cut out from Paper Lace 2 at 1.70" Then just glue the circle number on, and then you can attach to your box. Caution: Don't glue it to the lid or the box won't open :)

Then to put them together into the tears I put 8 boxes in each circle and taped them with packaging tape on the bottom so that each layer is held together.

Stack the 3 layers and tie with a ribbon to hold everything together.

It really was super easy to make, takes some time to cut it out and fold it all together and share with us your Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes ideas. Making new Christmas decorations with a Cricut machine is so easy, and you can save on all our Cricut cartridges.

Happy creating