by Richelle Naeglesimple holiday cartridge made this I love you card

Today I will be quickly covering a few cards I made with the Cricut Simple Holiday Cards cartridge. Please offer feedback about your own projects, clarification you may need on any part of my designs, etc. This is an old cartridge, but it's compatible with all Cricuts, including the Explore Air 2.

I Love You Card

ThisĀ Cricut card was easy to make. I cut it out at 5 inches making it a finished card size of 4" x 5" inches. This cartridge is great for when you are short on time. It is also one of the better Cricut cartridges to use when you are mass manufacturing cards because of how quickly you can produce the cards.

Though this card looks like it's geared towards Valentine's the color matches Christmas as well. To tell you the truth, "I love you" as a message works year-round so I guess this is a card for all seasons.

Turkey Day Card

Turkey Day card made with simple holiday cricut cartridgeThis is a great design to go along with the scrapbook memories you preserve from this past holiday.

With just two cuts you can make the perfect card for any holiday, though in this case we obviously went for Thanksgiving. I just love this turkey, he is so stinkin' cute! The card was cut out at 5.5 inches.

I chose to go with non-traditional Thanksgiving colors to vary things up a little bit, but you may be a little more traditional. Share with us whatever you come up with to commemorate your turkey day. We love to see others' projects and glean from them our own Cricut Simple Holiday ideas to use in the future.

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