by Richelle NaegleIMG_0775

Have you had a chance to check out our new Cricut Adhesive Foil yet? This material works just like regular craft vinyl - you cut it just like you would vinyl. You can use it for a wide variety of applications, so you will have plenty of Cricut foil project ideas flooding in as soon as you get your hands on it.

Pro tip: There is one difference that you should keep in mind - Cricut foil is a little heavier than vinyl. I still used the same vinyl setting (+1) on the Cricut Explore Air. You'll notice the difference when you "weed" it because the material is a little stiffer. Even though I prefer the CGull weeding tool, for this vinyl I think the Cricut Weeding Tool works better because it has a thicker point, which seemed to work better for me.

I got a few of the colors (we currently have a variety of Cricut foil colors in stock) and went to town. I originally intended to make just one project, but my plans changed. First I created this great Mother's Day gallery print (our own Aaron Meyers is the designer and you can get this free SVG file here from our blog post last week).

The gallery print is an 8" x 10" and I used the Stainless Teal Cricut Foil. I cut the red hearts out of red Cricut vinyl.

I had two teal hearts leftover and I just stuck them to my Cricut machine. I have seen some pretty creative ways to decorate machines over the years, but had never messed with my own. Why not now? After all, we wouldn't want those two hearts to be lonely.explore machine

These images are from the BOHO Graphics Cricut cartridge and I mostly used adhesive foil as material. I did use some Purple Glitter Vinyl from Cricut, which should be in-stock in July! Just like the foil, it's super easy to work with and I LOVE how it turned out on the machine. I think it gives the machine a little bit of my personality. I know a lot of you have decorated your machines. If you have, please share them with me on our Facebook page. I can't wait to see how you decorated yours!Today is he perfect day to be happy

Last but not least, I needed a new inspirational quote on my wall. I created this with a font on my computer and I cut it out using the Stainless Purple Cricut Foil. The entire design is about 12" wide and 16" tall. I think it turned out perfect! Stock up on Explore pens, as well as self-healing Cricut cutting mats.

I can't wait to see what Cricut party foil projects you have. Happy creating!