[caption id="attachment_2675" align="alignright" width="243"]cgull tote Buy your new Cricut cartridges here within 24 hours of release for a chance to win this cartridge tote[/caption]

by Richelle Naegle

For the foreseeable future, we at CraftDirect plan on giving away a free CGull cartridge tote (regular price is $49.95) to 5 lucky winners every time a new Cricut cartridge is released. Starting Thursday, February 5, 2015, we will be drawing 5 winners at random. Winners will come from the group of customers that buy the new cartridge within 24 hours of the release.

How to Enter

Entering the drawing is as easy as picking up a brand new Cricut cartridge. The trick is to stay on top of all the new cartridge releases, and that's easy if you sign up for our weekly newsletter. Be aware that:

  • New cartridges are typically released on Thursdays at 12 pm MST. It's not every Thursday, but it's pretty frequently. If you missed the newsletter, you can check our social media, or come straight to CraftDirect.com and we will have information about the new cartridge on the home page.
  • Remember, you have to buy the cartridge within 24 hours of the release. So do it sometime between 12 pm MST and Friday at 11:59 am MST.
  • 5 lucky winners will be surprised when they receive their free red CGull cartridge tote (a $49.95 value) with their new Cricut cartridge shipment.
  • If you win, make sure to share a selfie with your new tote on our Facebook page!

Leather CGull cartridge totes are the perfect companion to your Cricut cartridge collection. Each stylish tote can carry and store up to 72 Cricut cartridges so you will never misplace another cartridge again.

Check Back on Thursday

Be sure to keep checking back every Thursday in 2015 to see if there is a new cartridge release! We reserve the right to run a different promotion on any given release in 2015. You can expect this to be pretty standard throughout the year. Check out the Ultimate machine tote, which can store you Cricut Explore Air, another machine, tools, embellishment, and all kinds of patterned paper.

Happy creating!