by Richelle Naegle

I don't know about you, but I love to attend scrapbook retreats. Around these parts we just refer to it as "craft day". Generally, we meet at the host's house, we bring our craft materials, we swap ideas, we eat a lot of delicious food, and most importantly, we get to enjoy each other's company. Craft retreat games always make for a fun time.

Twice a year we do a whole girls' weekend! NO husbands, NO kids, just a fun weekend of crafting! Generally speaking, everyone comes to scrapbook, but we often have people sewing, painting, etc. The next craft retreat is at my house and so I thought it might be fun to play games that fit the theme of the event. Here are a few that I found for us to play:

Swap & Shop

This is a fun and cheap way to shop! Have everyone bring material, embellishments, supplies, etc. that they are willing to part with. All these items should be placed on a communal table. You can take turns or have a free for all, either way, everyone will have a good time getting rid of old supplies and claiming supplies they will use.

Also, you will probably end up with supplies no one will claim, so consider donating the remaining supplies to your local school, church, or other organization.

Scrapbook Bingo

This is just like regular bingo, but Bingo Gameinstead of numbers, the squares contain paper craft-related things, for example, buttons, ribbon, 5 pictures, 1 picture, teal & purple. Everyone tracks what's been called out and you mark off your Bingo board accordingly.

Pictured is a sample of a board you could make, unlike regular bingo.

For prizes, you don't have to go too big. It could be a little knick-knack or some supply you no longer want.

Show Me a Picture

For this game, you make a list of photos that most people would have: a bride, a baby, an animal/pet, a park, a national park, people kissing, etc. At random times during the retreat you yell out "Show me a picture of ________!" and whoever delivers first wins a prize.

Pass the Finished Hat

This game is one that will not only encourage people to finish layout designs but to "move it, move it!" Sometimes we get really chatty and forget to craft. When someone completes a page, they get the hat. Once the next page is completed, the hat changes hands. Whoever has the hat when the timer goes off (set to random times by the host) wins a prize. It's like hot potato, except you want the potato.

Embellishment Baggie Challenge

I have played this one before, and it's always a lot of fun. You put random things in a baggie, like buttons, brads, ribbon, action wobbles, etc. for all your guests. Everyone makes a scrapbook layout using those embellishments. It's always a blast to get creative and use decorations you wouldn't use otherwise.

The Sketch Challenge

Sample SketchesThis one is always fun. I have seen a lot of blogs that do contests like this: pick a sketch and have everyone make a layout based on the sketch (you can find lots of sketches on Pinterest) and then everyone votes on a winner.

It doesn't have to be competition, you can also print out a few sketches and let everyone choose which ones to copy. Here a few samples I found on Pinterest:

Are there fun games you have played at scrapbooking retreats? I would love to hear which ones you prefer, so I can incorporate them when I host to make my next ladies retreat a great one.

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Happy creating!