The holiday is finally here, and it's your turn to host Christmas dinner for your family or friends. You may be consumed with buying gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, and even dressing up the front door. Setting up the dining table shouldn't be neglected. Setting the table will definitely add Christmas feels to your house and an opportunity to give your guests a taste of your creativity.

If you are worried about what to put on your dinner table, we provided some ideas to spice things up. Whether you are setting the table for four or fourteen, we have a lovely way to dress up your table with creative centerpieces. These ideas will definitely bring holiday beauty that is in keeping with your unique style. Say goodbye to a boring Christmas table using these materials from CrafDirect:

Centerpiece Ideas from Silhouette and Cricut

The members of the CraftDirect design team turned simple projects into stunning centerpieces for our Christmas party. You can create different designs using the materials they used, not just for Christmas but also for other occasions!

Pictured above are the Elf Cup and Stocking.

The elf cups are made with scrapbook paper designed using Silhouette Studio Designer. With the exciting patterns of the paper, beautiful and fun cups were made. Green, red and white, which are standard but dazzling Christmas colors, were used. The papers were creatively put together, and that at one glance, you could tell that it was elf-inspired.

The stockings are also made of cardstock but with a Cricut design. Adorable, aren't these colorful Christmas stockings? Just like the elf cup, the three colors were used but with different patterns making the up and stocking match well on the table.

Above are the Snowflake Treat Box and Floral Box With Tassels.

The cold never bothered this treat box anyway! A Snowflake design is a must in Christmas decorations. The designer used a checkered green pattern with a Snowflake design and a white patterned paper for the body for the box cover. Its different colors and fun patterns give off a festive vibe that dinner tables need.

It's not all paper! The floral box, as seen in the picture, is designed with a tassel. These metallic tassels added beauty to the box, making it more "Christmas-sy." The possibilities you can create are endless with these beautiful patterns and colors. Just add chocolates and other treats to these creations, and then voila! You now have a centerpiece that everyone could enjoy.

Show Us What You Got!

But wait, there's more! You can create these projects all year round. The scrapbook paper is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Let your creativity wander and create projects as much as you want. Shop now for these great finds and more!

Our design team members that made these projects are also the ladies that attend Zoom Social, hosted by CraftDirect. We invite all crafters across southern Utah and beyond to pay us a visit and craft. It happens on Thursday evenings (4 pm MST), which anyone can join weekly. Just shoot us a private message on our page on Facebook to request a zoom invitation.