by Richelle NaegleCray pen project

One of our fun new products this year is the Cray-Pen system! Before attending, we knew we had to see this product because it was on the CHA Hot 20 List and won for the best new Paint & Art product. Naturally, we are super excited to have this product in the store and selling like crazy, as I type! So, what is Cray-Pen tool exactly, and why do you want it? It's a tool the melts colored wax as you apply it. The copper tip heats up the tool which melts the wax. The wax dries fast, which enables amazingly vibrant projects. It's also very affordable.

You can use the Cray-Pen on canvas, paper, glass, wood, metal, plastic, or anything else you would paint or color. I got to spend some time coloring this owl (though I didn't finish) and it was a blast. I love coloring, so this was love at first sight for me. Check out how deep the purple on her (yeah, it's a she) wings are. You just can't achieve that shade with a regular crayon. It also gives it a bit of texture. I can't wait to try this on canvas (also, it would be great for coloring books for adults, which are so fun).

How to use Cray-Pens

Right now, a friend of mine has the Cray-Pen and her 10-year-old daughter is making a school project with it. Long story short, the results so far are awesome and it's easy and safe for kids to operate. This tool comes with 2 different tips so you have a wide and thin application option. It's so easy:

  1. Dip the end (once it's hot) into a colored wax puck - this melts the wax and allows you to use the tip spread it over your surface.
  2. When you are ready to change colors, dip your tip into the cleanout wax, and that will remove the excess colored wax.

Pro tip: mix colors for fun and unique shades for your project.

Their color wax pucks are really inexpensive - they retail for $2.95 and that gives you 6 different colors, but you can also use a regular crayon (this would be really good if you wanted a specific yellow or pink color that isn't offered by Cray-Pen).

This new system from Cray-Pen is already in-stock and selling well, so hurry and grab yours today and take arts and crafts time to the next level. Once you have tried this Pen, let me know what you think! I can't wait to see what you create with it!

Happy creating!