Halloween Paper Craft Projects

  1. Mini Halloween Things Projects - Tim Holtz 2017

    cards made with Mini Halloween Things Thinlits diesby Richelle Naegle I'm sure you have seen my posts for the New Tim Holtz Halloween Dies. 2017 Sizzix Halloween Dies is a great year for Halloween Dies!! Oh my, these are all so amazing!  Okay, so I finally got my hands on a couple of them, because they are literally flying off the shelves. I would highly recommend pre-ordering them if you want them, they seem to go out of stock as soon as they arrive. The reason I decided to make Mini Halloween Things projects is I think this may be my favorite die set from 2017, I love the Mini Halloween Things Thinlits. They are perfect for making fun little cards to go with treats, or create quick tags, or add an embellishment to a photo frame. If you are like me and you enjoy giving away treats to friends around Halloween, you can add a quick note with a fun die-cut piece using this die set. and want to add a cute little note to them these would make a perfect embellishment to a gift tag. Continue reading →
  2. Tim Holtz Halloween Release & Project

    completed tim holtz crazy dog halloween cardby Richelle Naegle With October 31st still a few months away, Tim Holtz has been working hard on new designs. The new Tim Holtz Halloween release has inspired me to craft, the only problem is his new line isn't quite in stock yet. I had to get creative and use some of my favorite dies that I already have. The Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs and Crazy Cats are among the funniest designs in his entire portfolio, and when you combine them with the Crazy Things, you can really dress the dogs and cats up to match the occasion at hand. The overall size of this card is 3" x 3". I used the Mini Crazy Cats & Dogs dies & stamps bundle to make the dog, and then I used the Crazy Things die and stamps bundle for the witch's hat and broom. The stamps work very well with these dies because they make it so easy to have all the fun details of the dog without having to draw them on. Continue reading →
  3. New American Crafts - Summer 2017

    We are excited to announce a huge summer release of American Crafts supplies! We've added well over 100 products to our site, and all of them are getting in today, so we are ready to ship! For the most part, we've brought in new paper collections but there is also a very exciting and new product line... The Sweet Tooth Fairy You may know her as Megan Faulkner Brown from HSN's Cupcake Wars, The Sweet Tooth Fairy offers crafters all kinds of solutions for decorating and displaying baked goods and other treats. There are layered, collapsible cupcake stands, various sprinkle shapes that are all white, but you can color them with coloring dust. There are also fun accessories and tools that will make your projects easier. sweet tooth fairy cupcake stands and cake displays Continue reading →
  4. Heidi Swapp Lightbox Project Ideas

    by Richelle Naeglehappy-halloween-lighbox Have you seen the fun, new Heidi Swapp Lightbox? It offers an easy way to create a marquee that matches the theme of the occasion at hand, like holidays, birthdays, or just for fun! There are background images, letters (in a variety of colors) so you can write whatever you want, phases and even fun icons. The white Lightbox comes with a cord, so you don't have run it off batteries. You do have the option to use batteries if you prefer, though. I made two different designs to demonstrate how simple and yet delightful this really is. I was nervous about not having enough of the right pink letter Lightbox inserts to spell out Happy Halloween. I only used one package and it did the trick. I also used the nifty Holiday-themed Lightbox Icons. By my count, there are at least two icons for each major holiday! Continue reading →
  5. Sizzix Village Manor Project Ideas

    by Richelle Naegle Do you love Tim Holtz Village dies? I sure do, and the more you look at these little buildings, the more you will discover ways to add your own unique modifications. The Village manor die set, for example, could be just a regular Victorian-style home if you chose the right cardstock for the job, as opposed to making...
  6. October 2016 Free SVG Designs: Halloween Card SVG's, Calendar SVG’s

    Fall is here and it's time to get ready for Halloween! We have calendar updates, as well as cards so that you can get ready for this favorite holiday. As always, these free .svg design downloads feature the work of the talented Aaron Meyers. Please tell your friends all about these free downloads! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find...
  7. MINC Foil Projects

    by Richelle Naegle One of my favorite products to use is the MINC foil machine. I think this machine helps to add a lot of variety and creativity to my craft projects. I don't always remember to get it out and use it, so I've made an extra effort lately to use it to its fullest. Heidi Swapp has come...
  8. Minc Halloween Projects: Party Decorations

    by Richelle Naegle I am so ready for Halloween to be here! Last night we had a little crafting party and so I decided I would show off the MINC foil laminating system and the cool things that you can do with it. I came ready with my favorite MINC reactive foil and accessories. You can't go wrong with any of them, but...
  9. Exploding Box Tutorial: How to Make an Explosion Box

    by Richelle Naegle It's officially Halloween so I hope you are ready to craft! You can decorate whenever you want, but I always wait until October 1st....so I guess I got ahead of myself this year. This project takes a little longer to make than most of my undertakings and requires a little bit of patience, but it was so...
  10. Cricut Halloween Card Ideas

    by Richelle Naegle I love the fall when the leaves start changing colors and the temperatures start to get cooler...and Halloween! I love to make crafts and decorate for Halloween, mostly because it's like anything goes for Halloween. Really when else can you create a card with a bunch of wiggly eyes in a jar and it be OK? Remember...

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