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New Happy Jig by We R Memory Keepers

by Richelle Naegle

Have you seen the NEW Happy Jig collection from We R Memory Keepers in action, yet? If not, you need to get on that, ASAP. When I was at the CHA show this year, the Happy Jig was quite possibly my favorite new tool. The way it works is you use the wire-bending tool kit  to bend wire with the use of a peg board to make into fun and interesting designs. The kit comes with various sized pegs, a base that has a bunch of little holes in it, wire crimps, a booklet with designs, and three lengths of wire to get you started. I highly recommend picking up a few more colors of wire or try the multi-packs, like Colored and Neutral. These designs are addictive to make, so you’re going to want plenty of wire!
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Halloween Treat Bag Projects

two ghost-themed halloween treat boxesby Richelle Naegle

It’s time to get ready for Halloween, Everybody knows the best thing about Halloween is the treats! At least that’s what my kids tell me. So today, I thought it would be fun to make a few quick and easy Halloween treat bag projects.

Silhouette 3D Open-Sided Halloween Favor Box

For me, the first thing I did was get my Silhouette CAMEO (have you seen the new Pink CAMEO 3?) out and searched through their Silhouette Studio until I found these cute Ghost boxes. They are called 3D Open sided Halloween Favor Box.

I cut them out out at 11″ tall, which allowed me to cut two boxes from one 12″ x 12″ sheet of patterned cardstock. The banner spells “Boo”, but instead of O’s, I substituted googly eyes. I think that modification turned out great
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4th of July Paper Craft Projects: Scrapbook Layout & Banner

by Richelle Naegle

4th of july scrapbook layout project

It’s time to get out your red, white, and blue paper! If you don’t have any, never you fear, there are so many great patriotic paper collections to buy. Many of them go well together. As far as new releases this year, we have the All American Collection Kit which is a solution from Simple Stories that is ideal for making 4th of July scrapbook layouts. Also, be sure to check out the Sweet Freedom 12″ x 12″ pack from the clever designers over at Pink Paislee. Both of these are great options for a variety of projects. Continue reading “4th of July Paper Craft Projects: Scrapbook Layout & Banner” »

Introducing Stitch Happy by We R Memory Keepers

mint stitch happy machine packaging

by Richelle Naegle

Note: even before introducing Stitch Happy on our blog, we pre-sold hundreds of the machines. These things are flying off the shelves, so get one ASAP, while they are still available.

Have you had a chance to check out the new Stitch Happy sewing system? It’s the latest innovation from We R Memory Keepers. This fun new invention is a multi media machine, which means that it’s made to sew a variety of materials such as paper, chipboard, mixed media, and more.

If you would like to sew paper projects, then this is the machine for you. The problem with cardstock is that it dulls regular needles, which is why you don’t want to use a regular sewing machine with paper. Stitch Happy uses needles intended for this very purpose. It even offers a large needle for heavier threads like baker’s twine.

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We R 360 Crafter’s Bag vs CGull Ultimate Machine Tote

view of ultimate scrapbooking machine tote with front open

This is the new Ultimate Machine and Scrapbooking Tote by CGull

CGull just released the new Ultimate Machine & Scrapbooking Tote and there are two options to choose from:

We also have Ultimate Tote & CAMEO 3 bundles available, so be sure to check those out if you need a new machine.

Many customers are wondering what the differences are when you compare it to existing craft bags. We decided to compare it to one of our favorites, so here it is: We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafter’s Bag vs CGull Ultimate Machine Tote.

Both of these companies are very good at what they do. We R Memory Keepers offers a number of popular products for all types of crafts. Although CGull has a variety of products, including their new Mini Die-Cutter/Embosser, they are mostly known for making great craft totes.

damask ulitmate scrapbooking tote

This is the Damask bag, so you can go colorful with the Chevron pattern or sophisticated with this one.

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Valentine Craft Projects for Kids

by Richelle Naegle

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I thought it would be fun to make a few crafts for the occasion. The idea here is these would be great Valentine craft projects for kids. These designs are easy enough that most any kid will be able to participate in meaningful ways, and in some cases, do it all themselves.

valentine pom pom craft project

The first project was completed using the Pom Pom Maker by We R Memory Keepers. Though intended to be used as a tool for making party decor, I re-purposed it to make cute little creatures. To make these guys, I used the medium Pom Pom Maker, red yarn, a couple googly eyes, red pipe cleaners, and then I cut out hearts using my Cricut Explore Air 2. These are super easy crafts and the beauty of it is you can modify my design with simple nick nacks you may find around the house for your own personalized substitutions.

valentine project - crayon holdersFor the second project I made, I used the draw feature on the Cricut Explore. The images were made with the original Create A Critter Cricut cartridge. The right machine will make your Valentine projects quick and easy. I love these crayon holders because it’s a cheap, easy, and unique solution for your kids to give out Valentines to their friends (and heaven forbid, their sweethearts).

These designs measure 4.5″ x 7″ so I could fit two on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Also, check out the Create a Critter 2 cartridge is for even more options. There are so many different images to choose from and all of them will look great for this sort of project.

The last project I made using the We R PhotoLights. And while this isn’t your traditional Valentine’s gift, I would love it if someone gave this to me. Fill the project with photographs of you and your significant other and then change out the photos when Valentine’s is over. It’s a fun way to display your favorite photos all year round. PhotoLightsThe PhotoLights Light Strand comes with 10 small picture frames. Each of the image slots are 2.5″ x 2.5″. Use the Printable Backlit Film to print your images for use in the PhotoLights boxes. You can print using a Laser Printer or an Ink Jet Printer. I would suggest using a Laser Printer, the Ink Jet works great but you need to be very careful handling them (the ink rubs off a little bit). I used my ink jet and you can’t tell in the pictures, so it does work just fine if you are delicate with it.

Hope you have been inspired to create some fun projects for Valentine’s for your loved ones. If you do have something to share, please share it on social media with us, like on our Facebook page. No matter what you are looking for from We R, we have it all. Try our awesome selection of We R Memory Keepers paper. Also, be sure to check out the Stitch Happy sewing solution, which will be released later this year.

Happy creating!

We R Memory Keepers Punch Board Projects

by Richelle Naegleflowers created by envelope punch board

We R Memory Keepers has a great line of Punch Boards on the market right now. Some of the most popular ones that we carry are the Envelope punch board, the Gift Bag punch, as well as the Flower punch board and the Pinwheel punch board! And if you haven’t had a chance yet, you should definitely check out the Alphabet punch board! This punch board was just released in 2016 and it allows you to make every letter in the alphabet as well as numbers.

There are so many We R Memory Keepers punch board projects that you can do, but for this blog post we will focus on just two of them. Save on We R paper, which offers amazing designs on quality cardstock.

Flower Punch Board Projects

Today I am going to show you how easy it is to use the Flower punch board. With just a few easy steps you can create beautiful flowers in seconds.flower chart

  • First you will need to decide how big of a flower you want and how many layers you want to do. My largest one is 6″ in diameter and the smallest is 3″. (You can go all the way from 3″ to 22.5″ in diameter with this punch board)
  • Using the size chart printed on the board, you will need to cut your strips to the correct sizes for each flower. (see image to the left)
  • Then simply align the left side of your Scrapbook paper to the correct line and punch and score twice (once straight and once vertical) easy guide lines and score tool are included.
  • TIMG_1463hen just repeat that step until you have finished the entire sheet.
  • Fold all score lines using an accordion fold and glue together.
  • If you want to add some depth to your flowers you can use the including rounding tool and simply roll the paper around the tool. (I didn’t like how it looked when I inserted it into the slot) It made a funny crease in the paper so I just curled it around the tool.
  • Last you can use the We R Memory Keepers Flower Stems to complete a beautiful bouquet.

Pinwheel Punch Board ProjectsPinwheels

The second punch board we have is the Pinwheel punch board and this punch board is as much for kids as adults. While I was making these fun flowers, my eight year old son was making pinwheels (yep, that’s how easy these are to create). I showed him just once how to put the sticks together and cut them and he took it from there.

With these, you can either make a single pinwheel using one sheet of cardstock paper or a double pinwheel using two sheets. You will definitely want to get the pinwheel attachments from We R Memory Keepers. They are sold in packages of 12 and come in a variety of colors. This punch board allows you to make Pinwheels anywhere from from 3″ – 12″ in diameter .

Have you used any of the Punch Boards? Let me know which one is your favorite and please share some of your craft art you made with them on our Paper Crafting Fanatics Google+ Page. We R is known for making great solutions for crafters. Check out our We R Memory Keepers tools and enjoy discount prices.

Happy creating!

Ruler Studio Projects – We R Memory Keepers

by Richelle Naegleruler studio star

Back in January, when we went to the CHA Show we were introduced to this exciting new product line from We R Memory Keepers called called Ruler Studio. We all immediately fell in love with it.

After patiently waiting for months, we finally got the collection in stock and I quickly went to work. So I bought the Natural 6″ Rulers and the White 12″ Rulers. Along with that, I grabbed some of the fun accessories, like the Ruler Studio Lights, 2 different types of clips, frames, and the Glass Knobs.

The first one I made was this white star. The rulers are super easy to fold into whatever shape you want. They are on metal hinges and move nicely. One of my worries was that after I hung it on the wall, it would move and lose its shape, but I have had it up for over two weeks and it hasn’t moved at all. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s going to maintain shape.

star design ruler studio with lightsTo start, I added the lights around it. Turned out, I didn’t like the big bulbs, so I took those off and I will save them for another Heidi Swapp project. They are the same ones that you can use for the Marquee Love collection, so I’m sure they will come in handy later. I Used some white string and clips to string together to give it the clothesline effect.

Then I finished it off with some pictures using the clips. I think it turned out super cute and looks better than if I had just used the plain, old frame.

This second one I made was quite a bit simpler, but just as cute! I folded it into a rectangular shape and used some of the picture frames and clips. Each of the frames took me less than an hour to make.ruler studio rectangle design project

So they go up super easy and quick and would be convenient to change if you got bored with them after a few months. Change the design to fit into your holiday decorations each month. You could make a wall of stars for the 4th of July, and hearts for Valentine’s or an anniversary, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun new Ruler Studio product from We R Memory Keepers as much as I have. I can’t wait to see what you have created with them! Share them with me on our Facebook page!

Make the perfect die cut shapes for your Ruler Studio project using stunning We R Memory Keepers paper. As always, Happy creating!

CHA 2016 – New Products from We R Memory Keepers

by Richelle Naegle

I always look forward to the new We R Memory Keepers products every year! They are so fun and innovative and they tend to push the limits of the crafting world. This year is no different! They have some great new products, like Ruler Studio, Alphabet Punch boards, a Template Studio Bow, new colors of tote bags, and more. So let’s look at some of these new products from the experts at We R.

Ruler Studio

Rulers 2RulersLet me just say, this is my next home decor project I am doing! I have a whole wall that is not-so-patiently waiting for this product to arrive (should be the mid-end of February – you can pre-order now).

Here is how Ruler Studio works: each package comes with 10 legs. Each of these legs can be bend to make various shapes. So if you look at the picture on the left you see stars and a triangle. To the right a heart, diamond and the letter E. You can just bend each section at the hinge. If you need more you can use the foam dots to add to the design!

After you have it shaped to your liking, you can use lots of embellishments to decorate, such as clips for hanging up pictures, or if you created a frame there is natural string for a clothes line effect – and don’t forget the lights! These fun DIY Rulers come in 3 lengths, 12″, 9″ and 6″ and in a variety, including white, mint, red, and natural. Everything in this collection is available now for pre-order.

Alphabet Punch Board

abc punch boardSecond, we have a new model to add to our collection of punch boards called the Alphabet Punch Board. It makes it easy for you to create banners, signs, bulletin boards, and more! wr_link-punch

The Alphabet Punch will be available from CraftDirect at the end of February, and as with all the other punch boards it will probably sell out quickly so act fast (we should be pre-ordering soon)!

This punch board lets you cut out every letter of the alphabet, numbers from 0-9, and an exclamation mark! To go with this product, they are also releasing a Link Punch so you can easily turn your projects into a cute banner. Make all your We R paper into quick, fun works of craft art.

Totes & Organizers

Black bagsPeach bagsWe R totes are great, in case you don’t know. They have lots of space and features for smart storage of all your craft supplies, including paper, pens, washi tape, punch boards, and so much more.

Their bags and totes are popular and come in a variety of colors and patterns, so no matter what your preferred style is, you can find a tote bag that’s just right for you.

This year they have two new colors: a Blush Dot design (pictured on the right). It’s a light peach and is very pretty! The other is a black and white plaid tote that is (pictured on the left). Both of these bags come in the Fold Up (360) type tote, the matching shoulder bag that is perfect for carrying your 12″ x 12″ paper, as well as the smaller tote bag that is great for embellishments, glue, scissors, and other knick-knacks. This bag is small enough that it will fit easily on your desk to help keep your space organized.

Animal Washi Tape Dispenserswashi holders

These fun Animal Washi Tape dispensers hold 4 rolls of washi tape (they even come with 4 rolls of washi tape). They retail at $14.99 and they are just so cute! Right now they only have the Rhino and Scotty Dog (I hope they come out with more). Pre-order right now!

Staple Board

When I first saw this staple board I didn’t think much of it, but then I watched the rep demo. I totally changed my mind because of the convenience it offers. This set comes with three staplers, small, medium and large, as well as 250 staples, that are three different sizes and four different colors.

The staple board also has a storage compartment, perfect for all your staples. With this staple board, you can staple anywhere on your paper, even in the center of a 12″ x 12″ sheet! I will use this to fix my kids books (that middle page comes out frequently and a normal stapler can’t reach in the crease). Its great when you can use a product in the craft-room as well as around the home. The staple board retails for $19.99 and will be shipping in March. You can watch the demo on how this works here!

Laser Square & Mat

laser squareLast, but not least, we have the Laser Square & Mat. If you are a scrapbooker like me, then you will need this tool! You can actually use it for a variety of craft projects, such as cards, stamps, quilting and just about any other type. This tool is in inches as well as centimeters, and goes from 0″ to 12″. This product has two lasers, one on the top and one on the side and both of them shoot a small laser beam to give you a straight line. When I saw this tool in action, the room was very bright and you could still see the laser. This tool comes with the mat and retails for $40.00 – will be available in March.

I didn’t go into detail about all the products coming out from We R Memory Keepers but I think I covered all the big ones! If I missed something you want to know about, leave me a comment and I will give you all the info I have. There are quite a few paper stacks that will be coming out this year, so keep an eye out for those. Some of them we get in for a very short time and then we are unable to get more in, so if you find something you love, you should definitely grab it while it’s in stock. You never know, it may be gone for good. Next week I’m going to share with you all about the Cray-Pen, which we already have in stock. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Happy creating!

We R Memory Keepers DIY Teepee Kits

Finally, a project that your boys will love! has great prices on both the light teepee kit and the dark DIY teepee. This is truly a project with which you can build lasting memories. diy teepee kit light

The teepees are made from quality material, which is what you would expect from We R Memory Keepers. The designs are from another member of the American Crafts family of brands, Crate Paper. They are the creative minds behind the felt feathers, wooden beads, pom poms, banners, etc.

You don’t have to be that crafty to make this teepee kit come to life. In fact, Dad can probably do it (or at least help). He might even enjoy himself!

homemade teepee

over 25 years of fun with this homemade teepee

Nathan, a member of our marketing team, was especially excited for these new DIY teepee kits. His Mom made him a teepee (pictured to the right) for Christmas in 1987, and he still has it and adores it to this day!

He moved from Idaho, to Virginia, to Tennessee, to Utah, then to Arizona, with the teepee always in tow. Whenever his nephews come to town, it’s the first thing on their minds.

Make something your kids and grandchildren will cherish for a lifetime with We R teepee kits. One thing is certain, you will have a blast making it.

We R is known for making all kinds of amazing products. Check out We R Memory Keepers 306-degree rolling totes. They will make your crafting retreats so much easier.

Now that the teepees have been discontinued, the only way to get your hands on them is to make them yourself, from scratch. Well that’s possible with the We R Memory Keepers Stitch Happy. It’s amazing because you can work with very tough material.

Save with CraftDirect on this fun new product!