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2019 Winter Craft Product Release

Some of the world’s famous craft designers have or will be releasing new amazing product collections for upcoming holidays and spring themes, as well as new solutions for any kind of project. Richelle just returned from CHA 2019, and she’s so excited for the entire year, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In our 2019 winter craft product release, we are excited to offer you:

Foil Quill

foil quill cricut project with the gold foiled leavesThis will maybe be the most popular product of the year! We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill allows you to transform your Cricut machine or your CAMEO into a foiling machine. The collection includes heat-activated pens, foil sheets, foil rolls, and designs from some of your favorite designers. It works with any artwork (SVG and PNG), but you will love these USB design drives that include 200 icons, phrases, and more. The best way to get started is to buy the All-In-One Kit. Designers include Heidi Swapp, Amy Tangerine, Kelly Creates, and more.

Speaking of foil and Heidi Swapp, there was a MINC release, too. In addition to some cool new accessories and projects, they released several tools that should make your projects better.

One last thing before we get away from We R Memory Keepers: they have also released Big Happy Jig supplies, which revisits last year’s popular release of the Happy Jig. As you might’ve guessed, the new Happy Jig is bigger and allows you to do larger wire-bending projects.
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Valentine’s 2018 Paper Craft Projects

homemade love dog w/ balloon valentine's cardby Richelle Naegle

Valentine’s, or as I like to call it, the big heart day, is almost here. One of my new year’s resolutions is to stop being a paper craft slacker! This year, I am going to get my holiday crafts done early, starting with my Valentine’s paper craft projects. If you need some help meeting your goals, whether they are related to crafts or not, you should download our free SVG files.

Valentine’s Greeting Cards

For this first card, I used my Silhouette CAMEO 3. The overall size of the card is 4.25″ x 5.5″, and I found the cute puppy at the Silhouette Store. The design is called Love Dog w/ Balloon. I cut the image out at about 3.5″ tall, from the bottom of LOVE to the top of the heart balloon.
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Mini Halloween Things Projects – Tim Holtz 2017

cards made with Mini Halloween Things Thinlits diesby Richelle Naegle

I’m sure you have seen my posts for the New Tim Holtz Halloween Dies. 2017 Sizzix Halloween Dies is a great year for Halloween Dies!! Oh my these are all so amazing!  Okay so I finally got my hands on a couple of them, because they are literally flying off the shelves. I would highly recommend pre-ordering them if you want them, they seem to go out of stock as soon as they arrive.

The reason I decided to make Mini Halloween Things projects is I think this may be my favorite die set from 2017, I love the Mini Halloween Things Thinlits. They are perfect for making fun little cards to go with treats, or create quick tags, or add an embellishment to a photo frame. If you are like me and you enjoy giving away treats to friends around Halloween, you can add a quick note with a fun die-cut piece using this die set. and want to add a cute little note to them these would make a perfect embellishment to a gift tag. Continue reading “Mini Halloween Things Projects – Tim Holtz 2017” »

Tim Holtz Halloween Release & Project

completed tim holtz crazy dog halloween cardby Richelle Naegle

With October 31st still a few months away, Tim Holtz has been working hard on new designs. The new Tim Holtz Halloween release has inspired me to craft, the only problem is his new line isn’t quite in stock yet. I had to get creative and use some of my favorite dies that I already have. The Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs and Crazy Cats are among the funnest designs in his entire portfolio, and when you combine them with the Crazy Things, you can really dress the dogs and cats up to match the occasion at hand.

The overall size of this card is 3″ x 3″. I used the Mini Crazy Cats & Dogs dies & stamps bundle to make the dog, and then I used the Crazy Things die and stamps bundle for the witch’s hat and broom. The stamps work very well with these dies because they make it so easy to have all the fun details of the the dog without having to draw them on. Continue reading “Tim Holtz Halloween Release & Project” »

What Is a Sizzix Fold-a-Long Card?

front facing view of the completed cactus fold a long card by sizzixby Richelle Naegle

At CHA 2017 I overheard others asking, what is a Sizzix Fold-a-Long card? If you haven’t ever seen one, then you are in for a treat. Jen Long is the world-famous Sizzix designer who is the brains behind these fabulous cards.

Let’s take the Cactus Fold-a-Long Card Sizzix Thinlits die set for example. It makes a 3-panel card and when closed, has the appearance of a delightful shape. In this case, it looks like a saguaro cactus. When the card is opened, the insides of the 3 panels are revealed. You can get real creative with what you hide within the card, but each set of dies includes Thinlits for embellishing the card. Those die cut shapes and phrases will match the overall theme of the design.
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Large 3-D Flower Sizzix Thinlits Project Ideas

by Richelle Naeglecard made with the sizzix large 3-d thinlits die set

When I first saw the David Tutera Wedding dies, I was instantly excited. There are a few different, beautiful flower-project options. A crafter can never have too many flower designs at her/his disposal. So check out this new set of Large 3-D Flower Sizzix Thinlits dies. It almost makes me want to decorate for a wedding…but not quite! This die is one of my favorites, and honestly, it made constructing this flower simple and easy!

The most important thing to remember when making flowers is that no two flowers are the same and yet they are all perfect. So, when you are cutting out the petals for your flower, don’t try and make it a certain way every time. It’s probably too much work to make them look exactly alike and it’s fun to have variety, anyway.

For this particular flower I used the pink leather Sizzix paper and cut out each petal two times. It might take a little bit longer to cut, but I really like the unique look of my flowers when I use the leather material. Not only does it look cool, it gives the flower a little extra strength as well. One fun technique I have found to really make my flowers stand out is to spray the flowers with water and then crumple them up. Once they are dry, you will find it’s given your material a more natural look.

The center is super easy on this one. All you need to do is take your pre-cut piece of paper and start rolling from the wider side until the thinner side is on the outside. That’s it!
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Sizzix Hipster Project Ideas (Video)

by Richelle Naegle

This year at CHA, when I first got to see the NEW Tim Holtz Hipster Dies & Stamps, I was totally in love! I was a huge fan of the Crazy Dogs & Cats but honestly, I like these ones even more. I would highly recommend buying on of our bundle deals on these. We have a few different choices, but my favorite is the Mini Cutter & Hipster Dies w/ Stamps Bundle because then you have everything you need (except the paper and ink) to complete these projects. I’ll discuss the other bundle options later in the post.

Long story short, I made a few cards so I’m sharing my Sizzix Hipster project ideas:

sizzix hipster project ideas - completed card designs

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CHA 2017 – New Products from Sizzix

bouquet of flowers made with SizzixBy Richelle Naegle

I’m super excited to be going to CHA this year again (it actually started today)! It’s a great time to see what new products are coming out in 2017. Of course, one of my favorite booths to visit is always the Sizzix booth, largely because Sizzix dies are the best in the world.

Sizzix offers lots of great products from all your favorite designers that you have come to know and love, such as Jen Long, Stephanie Barnard, Lori Whitlock, and so many more.

This year, Sizzix is also partnering with newcomer David Tutera (watch for his line that is being released in March which we will have up and ready for pre-sell in February). So don’t miss out on his new dies, stamps, and he even has some kits that will make it super easy to create beautiful wreaths, planners, bouquets (pictured, top right), and boutonnieres.

February 2017 Sizzix Releases

sizzix village landscape trees and cactiAs for products that are available now (for pre-sell, anyway), we have Tim Holtz leading the way:

If you have incorporated the Sizzix Village collection in your projects, then you will love the addition of the trees and cacti to your arsenal.

If you are a big Tim Holtz fan, then you will be glad to hear that he has new releases for March and April, too. In March look for some awesome cityscapes that will allow you to add a more modern and industrial feel to your projects. In April, we’ll have Pondering Word dies, as well as a Bigz Lantern Box, a few embossing folders, and more.

From Stephanie Barnard we have more Drop-In cards dies and a Trees Step-Ups card (below). These cards feature Birthday’s, banners, Thank You’s and more! Here is a sample of a couple of her New Sizzix cards!

completed sizziz trees step-ups card

Finally, from Jen Long we have new dies, card projects (like the pictured Cactus Fold-A-Long), coloring cards and a coloring book (Mini Motivationals Sendables) all with the In Bloom theme. I am most excited about the Fold-A-Long card!

completed sizzix cactus fold-a-long card
Be sure to check back soon for more about Sizzix releases! Save on Sizzix machines, like the Vagabond and the Big Shot. For all the cutting pads, platforms, and other products that will make your projects go smoothly, we have great deals on our Sizzix accessories.

Happy creating!

Sizzix Village Surf Shack Project Ideas

by Richelle NaegleSizzix Village Surf Shack Tim Holz Valentine's project

After doing the Halloween Village Manor project, I was in love with this collection. I wanted to make a Christmas-themed house, but time got away from me and other holiday crafts and obligations got in the way! With Christmas just a few days away, I figured I would get a jump start on Valentine’s and make my Village Surf Shack project a romantic cabana. As you probably already know, I don’t need much of an excuse to make my projects pink.

Pro tip: just like with any project in this collection, you have to start with the Village Dwelling die. That is the foundation for every other die in the series.

The supplementary dies are what allow you to change the details of the dwelling. So in this case, we are using the Sizzix Village Surf Shack Bigz die, designed by the one and only Tim Holtz.

For the hearts, I used my Cricut Explore Air and cut them out at 0.5″. I think the dimensions turned out to be perfect for decorating the facade of the house, and the palm tree. To cut you material, as far as machines go, we recommend the Sizzix Big Shot to accommodate large Sizzix dies.

Have you used any of the Tim Holtz Village dies? If so, then you too know how fun it is to get creative with this paper crafting solution. I would love to be inspired by you, so please share your projects with me on our Facebook or Instagram page (Don’t forget to tag us @craft_direct).

Happy creating!

Sizzix Village Manor Project Ideas

by Richelle Naeglevillage-manor-haunted

Do you love Tim Holtz Village dies? I sure do, and the more you look at these little buildings, the more you will discover ways to add your own unique modifications. The Village manor die set, for example, could be just a regular Victorian style home if you chose the right cardstock for the job, as opposed to making it a Halloween-themed haunted house. You could also use the Village surf shack die set and make it a love shack for Valentine’s day. Now that I think of it, I will probably do a Christmas twist on that beach theme (stay tuned). You get the idea. You don’t have to use the dies the way the designer intended them.

Since it’s Halloween, I decided to take on the Village Manor and make it a fun Halloween house. We don’t do scary Halloween at my house (yet), The kids are still small and don’t want to freak them out. I came up with a less haunted version of a haunted house!

The first thing to know about this house is you have to have the Village Dwelling die set for the foundation. You have to have this die in order to make any of the other houses, with the exception of the Village Brownstone. So if you want to make any of the houses, be sure to get the Village Dwelling dies, as well.

The most difficult part of making this house was picking out which patterned paper and colored cardstock to use! Isn’t that the truth about most craft projects, though? I have the hardest time deciding which paper to use. The body of this house is from a Simple Stories paper stackThe roof is a corrugated black paper, which was a great choice. It has a little bit of weight to it so that helps with the stability of the house.

I watched this Tim Holtz tutorial on How to make the Village Dwelling. Not only did he help to give me ideas of how to make the house nice and sturdy (hint: cut it out twice and glue them together – use any cheap paper for the interior). It’s a great tip and made the base of the house nice and sturdy without a lot of extra work.

After you get the house together, the rest of the building comes together quickly and easily! Then you decorate however you see fit: cobwebs, bats, whatever.

The fun part about this house is you can place a tea-light under the house and it glows. I tried taking pictures of it, but they didn’t turn out so well. I did find a tip online that suggested cutting out the roof of the house in the middle that way the light can shine all the way up to the top windows. I did that as well. It turned out cool and does make it so the lights shine thought the whole house.

I know you are dying to make one of these houses. So whichever you decide to create, share them with me on Facebook! I would love to see your Sizzix Village Manor Project Ideas! Save on all of our Sizzix dies, as well as Tim Holtz designs.

Check out our Sizzix Village Surf Shack project.

Happy Halloween creating!