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2 New Heidi Swapp Home Decor Projects – 2017

by Richelle Naegle 

Today, I am playing with some of the new Heidi Swapp products and I have to say that I’m having a blast. As you’d expect, her designs are both easy to use and they are pleasing to the eye once you complete your projects.

Heidi Swapp Letterboard

completed Heidi Swapp Letterboard projectsThe first projects I tackled were from the Heidi Swapp Letterboard collection. Oh boy, is this addicting! It’s so easy to update that you could change the board every day and keep up with it. You could even do it a couple times a day, easily. I couldn’t decide on what theme to make for this blog post, so I made several of them!

Heidi Swapp Letterboard is a great way to leave an inspiring message for your family, or to leave notes, jokes, and whatever else your creative mind is inspired to make! There is no paper, ink. machines, etc. required to complete these projects. They are clean and easy! Continue reading “2 New Heidi Swapp Home Decor Projects – 2017” »

Heidi Swapp Lightbox Project Ideas

by Richelle Naeglehappy-halloween-lighbox

Have you seen the fun, new Heidi Swapp Lightbox? It offers an easy way to create a marquee that matches the theme of the occasion at hand, like holidays, birthdays, or just for fun! There are background images, letters (in a variety of colors) so you can write what ever you want, phases and even fun icons. The white Lightbox comes with a cord, so you don’t have run it off batteries. You do have the option to use batteries if you prefer, though.

I made two different designs to demonstrate how simple and yet delightful this really is. I was nervous about not having enough of the right pink letter Lightbox inserts to spell out Happy Halloween. I only used one package and it did the trick. I also used the nifty Holiday-themed Lightbox Icons. By my count, there are at least two icons for each major holiday!lightbox1

For the second example, I went with a Valentine’s day theme. Really, you can do this one any time of year. You don’t need a reason to be romantic. Like I mentioned with the Halloween project, the Holiday icons allowed me two options: cupid and a heart. I couldn’t choose between them and why not both?

So regardless of the occasion or Holiday you can easily change out this marquee project solution in a mater of minutes. You could even
personalize it for an evening with friends, for example, make it into a sign welcoming guests to your murder mystery party. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Want More Lightbox Products?

Well, then you are in luck! Heidi Swapp is coming out with a new mini Lightbox and a Lightbox Shelf along with a bunch of creative inserts These are coming out about the middle of November so we will have them available soon for pre-order. They will be in stock before you know it! Here is a little sneak peak of the new stuff that is coming out!   new-lightboxes



Above are some samples of new icons that will be available. There will also be new options for alphabet inserts, as well as phrases.

backgroundsLast but not least, this new release includes some awesome options for backgrounds!

Pro tip: I had a hard time putting the letters over the top of the background, but found it was super easy to add the background behind the letters. There is plenty of room for both, so you will just have to figure out what works best for you.

We carry lots of options for Heidi Swapp decorating projects, including Heidi Swapp Letterboard, Marquee Love. Happy creating!

MINC Foil Projects

by Richelle Naegle

One of my favorite products to use is the MINC foil machine. I think this machine helps to add a lot of variety and creativity to my craft projects. I don’t always remember to get it out and use it, so I’ve made an extra effort lately to use it to its fullest. Heidi Swapp has come out with some great new products that make adding foil to anything quick and easy, without the use of a laser printer.paper1

paper2The first of these products is MINC Reactive paint. It works great for quickly adding foil to any place on your paper. I took a regular sheet (pictured to the right) of 6 x 6 paper and a small paint brush along with the reactive paint. Just squeeze a small amount onto a little piece of wax paper and simply paint where ever you want the foil to be. Then let the paint completely dry (in this case it took about 10 minutes). Pro tip: you can use your blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

Once it is completely dry, cover it with foil and run it though your machine. I would suggest using a different MINC transfer folder for this. If not, this project can compromise the next by leaving excess paint and foil on your machine. You can see with the picture to the left how some of the dots have foil on them. I love this helpful product. It will make it so much easier to add that little pop of foil to your next project.

Heidi Swapp also has the MINC toner pen, which is perfect for adding foil to something that you have handwritten, or for touching up a spot that your laser printer missed. We also have MINC reactive mist and you can see Heidi Swapp’s video here on the reactive mist. Watch the pro as she uses it so you can get creative and make beautiful projects with your MINC foil applicator.

Also you can foil your vinyl to create fun vinyl projects with more brilliance using your MINC foil applicator. If you missed the post on how easy this is to do, you can read it: How to Foil Your Vinyl Material!

pinwheelsI have a party coming up and I thought adding foil to these fun pinwheels would be a great idea. They have toner on both sides, which allowed me to add different colors and patterns.pinwheel up close My absolute favorite to make was the one using the houndstooth design with pink and gold ombre reactive foil. I have a close up of it to the right. I put blue on the back and the ombre design on the front. It gave it such a unique look!

You can also see I used some white reactive foil on these, which is always a very popular color. The white doesn’t have the same shimmer and shine that the rest of the foil colors do, but it does have a very beautiful finish.

Next I created a fun Heidi Swapp Halloween banner using the MINC and the Pebbles Boo Banner, the Jumbo Striped Alphabet orange foil and a pack of the toner sheets. First, I cut out the fun little pumpkin from the Holiday Cakes Cricut cartridge at 3″ I cut the top layer using the toner sheets and then ran everything though the MINC machine with the MINC orange foil. I used my Crop-A-Dile tool to punch holes in the corners so that I could string up my banner. I love how this banner turned out! I can’t wait ’til October so I can put it back on the front door! christmas houses

house1Next I wanted to create something for (Heidi Swapp) Christmas and I absolutely love, love, love the MINC 3D Paper Village. For this project I only used the gold foil and the kit.house2 It was easy and no extra supplies were needed. I grouped my material and everything together, which made it easier to find everything I needed for each house during the project. These houses come with the 3D adhesive already adhered to them so it makes it super easy to just peel and stick them together. I found that the adhesive sticks really well and so you want to make sure you take your time and align them up before you stick them down. Once they are down they are down. Then add your stickers and you are done.

Note: this kit also comes with fun stickers like ribbons and wreaths that you could use to decorate your houses. So if you are going to use them make sure you have some green and red foil, and the best way to do that is to pick up our Christmas MINC foil bundle. This kit will also give you silver as well.

I hope you have enjoyed all these fun MINC projects. If I have inspired you to create something new with your MINC machine share them with me on our Instagram page and tag us with #craftdirect so we can see what you are creating!

Happy creating!

How to Foil Your Vinyl Material (Infographic)

by Richelle Naegle

One day while searching Pinterest, I found a video that someone had made on the Heidi Swapp page where she used Silhouette permanent vinyl with her laminator machine to foil the vinyl, The purpose was so that she could adhere the design to a coffee mug. You can click here to see that video.

We’ve made an infographic to explain the process so you know how to foil your vinyl material. I also offer my own handiwork below the infographic, so you can see how it works in action. Without further ado:

how to foil your vinyl material infographic
Continue reading “How to Foil Your Vinyl Material (Infographic)” »

Watercolor Crafts & Art by erin the great

caterpillar bus watercolor painting

If you would like to contact the artist, you can reach her at

One of the most beautiful mediums in the visual arts is watercolor painting. It’s aptly named watercolor because of how the paint is made up of pigments that are suspended in a water-based solution.

Typically the paint is applied to paper surfaces, but it works with a number of other supports.

Here at, we have a variety of watercolor craft supplies that will help you harness the power of this lovely, yet challenging medium.

The trick with watercolor is that you must apply just the right amount of paint. If you apply too little, your artwork won’t be vibrant enough with color. If you over-soak the material, you will compromise the work.

Perfecting this skill can takes a lot of education and practice.

Today we are featuring an artist (erin the great – check her out at who has put many years into developing her talent through this painting medium. She graduated in fine art with a concentration on drawing and painting from the University of Tennessee. She is known for illustrating children’s books, as well as her gnome art and watercolor paintings that can be found all over Atlanta. She has even had watercolor artwork featured on Extreme Home Makeover.

billy goat gruff troll - watercolor art

Watercolor Craft Products

You probably don’t have time for all that education and practice and you just want to know about the products that can give your projects that watercolor effect. We have a few delightful options for making watercolor crafts easy:

For example, we have the Crafternoon Watercolor Art kit which has 3 stencil designs as well as watercolor paint. The designs include fun phrases and shapes. Check out the hot air balloon.
crafternoon watercolor product packagingShop all our watercolor products here. Presently, we carry two different watercolor tag sets by Heidi Swapp (one is for MINC projects). And for a quick embellishing addition to any project, try the watercolor washi tape collection by We R Memory Keepers.

As always, happy crafting!