All Occasions Box Cards Cricut Cartridge Ideas

by Richelle Naegle

See part 2 of this post.

It’s been awhile since Cricut has released a new cartridge, but they started out 2016 with a great new option. The All Occasion Box Card Cricut cartridge offers you wide application for a series of events.Cricut all occasions box cards finished projects

I just moved and my craft room isn’t in decent shape, yet. Nevertheless, I chose to get out my Explore system, grabbed some cardstock, glue, and got to work. Who wants to organize a room when there are new card designs to make? Unfortunately, this meant I didn’t have all my favorite patterned cardstock at my disposal and I went with plain solids.

It’s OK, because I have 28 designs left to try, so I can get more creative with my paper later.

I made the Sending Love card and Thank You card. I love owls (you probably knew that). I sized both of the cards to 16″ width using the explore studio. This left me with cards, that when flattened are about 4″ x 4″. They are pretty small. You may want to make them larger – choose your own destiny.Starting Pieces

To start I will give you all the tips I would have found useful prior to starting:

  • Use your Explore scoring stylus
  • Fold everything before you start gluing things down. For the parts like the plane and clouds, the middle section is actually on the back side. If you glue first you will have to re-do them – I can tell you from experience.
  • If you want to do the stitching or add stickles, etc., I would do it before you glue the card together. It’s not easy to add after the fact, when you have this type of card.

Here is a view of my pile of cut-out shapes. It may look intimidating but believe me, once you get started, it’s not so complicated.Step 2

Please forgive me, I took pictures all along the way, but some are of the Thank You design and some are of the Sending Love, meaning there is a little inconsistency in the images (but I bet you can figure it out). The cards are similar, so once you do one, the other will be a breeze.

I started here and folded along all the score marks, going back and forth. I started with the back image, so on the Thank You  (below) the owl is in the back, and then I worked my way around.

The owl is in the back, the branch is the middle (so this will reveal the back of your paper), and then the hearts in the front. Now you can see where everything starts to glue together for this section!

If you’re going to add extra faux stitching, this is when you would add it (or embellishments or anything I would adhere them at this point).

Then you should fold the box together (and this actually is super easy and goes together quickly). I recommend using a good adhesive tape for this part, just to make sure it holds together well. When the box is all-together, you can see where the first section is inserted.Ste

Now you are ready to glue your pieces together. Here is a photo of where I put the glue – it’s the places that touch the the box. This enables the card to fold, which is pivotal if you are mailing it or wanted it to fit it inside an envelope.

glue spots

Here is a view from the top of how it looks. As you can see, I also used a foam dot between the cloud so that it would stand out a little more than the rest.

That’s it! You are done.view from above

Like I said, I was intimated by this cartridge after I cut out all the pieces, but in the end it wasn’t that problematic. So when you get your cartridge just go for it and have some fun, then share your designs with me on our Instagram, Facebook or Google +. I can’t wait to see what All Occasions Box Cards Cricut cartridge ideas you come up with. Remember to always have an extra Cricut machine blade on hand in case yours dulls.

Happy Creating, and don’t forget to download our 2016 calendar.

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