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St. Patty’s Day Cricut Iron-On Project

by Richelle Naegle

This tutorial will give you the quick and easy steps on how to use Cricut Iron-on material in your fabric projects.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you are wearing something green! I sure am, so keep your pinchers to yourself. I’m safe because I made myself this fun shirt! I am 5’1″, so kind of short. I’ve got to face it…all of my friends are taller than me. I know this because they like to make fun of me or it. The truth of the matter is that I like to laugh and participate in the fun, even at my own expense. So, I was searching around Pinterest and found this super cute shirt that just fit my personality so well. I wasn’t about to pay $20.00 for it, so I thought why not make it myself?

I turned on my Explore cutter and got out a little heat transfer material, and with a simple green t-shirt I was able to make this awesome result in just minutes.

Cricut is known for making quality Iron-on material, but truth be told they aren’t the only great brand out there. For this project I actually used Silhouette heat transfer material, in addition to Cricut.

Steps for Heat Transfer Projects:

  • First you need to create the design for whatever you are making. I used Nate’s ABCs Cricut cartridge Font and the letters are out out at 2.5″ tall, and the shamrock is just a .jpg image I had on my computer. So I loaded that one up and used it. There are a lot of great shamrocks and four leaf clovers on various Cricut cartridges. I just wanted an outline of one.
  • NOTE: this step is very important : Load your Iron-On material with the shiny side down, and cut all your images out in reverse other wise they will be backwards. For mine I used Cricut Gold Iron-On material and the Silhouette Lime smooth heat transfer.
  • You will need to “weed” all the excess pieces out of your letters and images. I suggest using a pick tool. Check out our Cricut tools. I think it works great and makes it easier to remove the excess material.
  • Last you will want to iron on your shirt. Use the cotton heat setting and iron for about 10-15 seconds. Really it doesn’t take very long at all. Make sure you are ironing all over the image though, otherwise it will not adhere to your shirt. I let it cool down for a few seconds that plastic sheet gets a little hot. Then gently pull the clear carrier sheet away from your shirt, the iron-on material should remain on the shirt. If it’s coming up iron it a little bit more.

That’s it! It really is that simple to make, have you made your own shirts for a holiday or family event or just for fun? I would love to see what you have created post me a picture on Google+ or even on Facebook so I can see what you are making.

Happy creating!

Spring Fling Cricut Cartridge Ideas

by Richelle NaegleSpring Fling Cricut Cartridge Ideas

I am so excited about the new Spring Fling Cricut cartridge that just came out! There are so many fun new images on this cartridge as well as some great features if you have a Cricut Explore Air machine. For owners of the Explore, this cartridge has a drawing feature so part of your image is drawn on instead of cut out. Just giving it a new dimension without you having to do any extra work.

This card was cut out at 7” for the card and 3.5” for the tulips. The outline is a special feature on the cartridge that gives your images another dimension. For the Love and the heart I took it off the envelope flap and added it to the front of the card. I thought it needed a little something extra and that little heart and love were just perfect for this card. Cricut makes it easy to create fast solutions, and I just loved the way this one turned out. This will definitely be in my rotation of frequently used Cricut cartridges.

What do you think of this new cartridge? I can’t wait to see all your Spring Fling Cricut cartridge ideas that you come up with. Grab this cartridge today for only $19.95 and if you purchase within the first 24 hours you have a chance to win a cartridge tote. So hurry and get your order in now so you can have your chance to win! Save on all of our spring-themed Cricut cartridges.

Happy creating!

How to: Custom Foil Designs with MINC Machine

by Richelle NaegleHow to: Custom Foil Designs with Minc Machine

Can I tell you how super excited I am to be using the new MINC foil machines by the one and only Heidi Swapp! When you learn how to custom foil designs with your MINC machine, your creative mind will be flooded with original ideas. In case you haven’t used it yet, it’s so much fun to craft with this new technology. I really could just sit around and craft all day, if they would let me, but alas, they do not. I am warning you, if you get this machine, nothing else will get done for at least a few days! It’s seriously that much fun 🙂

Have I convinced you yet that you need one? It’s one of my favorite craft machines ever. One of the best features with this machine is that it works perfectly with other machines, so if you like Cricut machines, Silhouette machines, or whatever other type of electronic cutting machine, you will love the way it coordinates with your foil fusion projects.

For this project, I wanted to make a special card for a dear friend and neighbor who lost her son this last week. She loves butterflies, so I was trying to come up with something that would make her smile, even if just for a moment. I want to let her know I was thinking about her, and this is what I came up with. I really love how it turned out. You will love all the various accessories offered in the MINC collection.

Steps for Creating Custom Foil Designs:

  1. Step one: I created a blank square of black (using any computer program, I think you can even do it in word). You just need a nice black square space that you can print on paper with your laser printer. Make sure it’s big enough for whatever image you are cutting out.
  2. Step two: Trim your black image. I left a little bit of white around the edges, I don’t think that’s necessary, though. Your choice either way it works the same.
  3. Step three: Using your favorite MINC reactive foil color and your MINC foil applicator run your black image through just as you would for any other project.  Now you will have a complete square of foil.
  4. Step four: Use your foiled square as you would any other sheet of cardstock in your die cutting machine, and cut out your favorite image. For mine, I used the Cricut Explore cutter and the Florals Embellished Cricut cartridge. The butterfly was cut out at 3.5″ Inches.

That’s it. It really is that easy to create stunning cards, scrapbook pages, banners party decorations, or even some home decor with your new Heidi Swapp Minc machine! What are you excited to make or what would you like to see me create? Leave me a comment and I will do my best to make something for you!  Let me know what you think of this awesome machine, the good and the bad. As far as I can tell, it’s all good! Now that you know how to create custom foil designs with your Minc foil applicator, the possibilities are endless. Save on all our hot foil machines.

Happy creating!