February 2015

  1. Introducing the New MINC Foil Applicator

    introducing the new minc foil applicatorby Richelle Naegle Update - the MINC system is here!! Technically we are now allowing for pre-orders, but we do have 20 MINC machines in stock (and I don't believe anybody else has machines yet). So first come, first serve. If you don't get one of the first 20 machines, we hope to be fulfilling orders in early March. Unfortunately, we have to wait until March for the foil and other accessories, but the good news is that you get a MINC foil applicator w/ starter kit, so you have a sampling of all the necessary components to make a craft with your new machine, while you await access to the new Heidi Swapp reactive foil, and MINC accessories. Foil fusion is the future of crafting! Original Post: At CraftDirect.com, we always try to keep you on the cutting edge of craft technology. Well, today I’m here to tell you about the next best thing, how you can incorporate it into your projects, and most importantly, you can check back here about availability updates (it’s coming soon, but we can’t yet make guarantees about when). Continue reading →
  2. How To Use Sizzix Thinlits - Card-Tri-Shutter

    by Richelle Naegle I really love a lot of these new die cut cards that Sizzix has been putting out lately. They all have such unique shapes that make your cards stand out, without adding lots of extra work. These cards are great and you can make them without Sizzix dies, but trust me, they are so much easier when...
  3. Fontastic Fonts Cricut Cartridge Ideas

    Order Fontastic Fonts within 24 hours of its release for a chance at a free CGull cartridge tote. by Richelle Naegle I am so excited for this fun new font cartridge, mostly because of all the creative options it gives me. The Fontastic Fonts Cricut cartridge is loaded with 7 new and creative fonts that give you several options to...
  4. Cricut Cartridge Release - CGull Tote Giveaway

    Buy your new Cricut cartridges here within 24 hours of release for a chance to win this cartridge tote by Richelle Naegle For the foreseeable future, we at CraftDirect plan on giving away a free CGull cartridge tote (regular price is $49.95) to 5 lucky winners every time a new Cricut cartridge is released. Starting Thursday February 5, 2015...

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