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How to Use Sizzix Framelits – Basic Step-Ups

By Richelle NaegleStep-Up Birthday Card
I generally take on Cricut projects, but I am trying to branch out and try new things. NEW is always good right? Well, I really like what I’ve seen from the Sizzix product line, lately. This Basic Step-Ups dies caught my eye.

I have done a step-up card before and it wasn’t super hard, but really a lot of work to get the dimensions just right. So when I saw this new product, I thought maybe this will make creating these fun cards easier, and honestly it did! I took all the tedious measuring and cutting and scoring out of the picture, and just did what I like to do best: create beautiful crafts with my Big Shot craft machine!

If you like to make these cards, or want to be able to without all the boring work involved, this set is definitely for you! What you need is the Step-ups Basic Card set, your favorite machine (I used the Teresa Collins eBosser), patterned paper, and glue! And don’t forget to include any other embellishments you may want. For this card I also used the Tags w/ Stamps Framelits set for the Happy Birthday tag.

There are really no dimensions or anything you need to worry about because it just cuts out the size, which is 5.5″ x 8.5″ (when flat), then you can cut out any of the step cuts (it even has one for the back) if you wanted to cut those as well. This set includes a ton of flowers. For the flower stems you could use anything that would resemble a stem, a toothpick, small stick, I used some wire covered with green string. For the centers of the flowers I also used some Tim Holtz stickles by Ranger.

This card was super super easy to make, just like most Sizzix cutting/embossing projects go. The thing that took me the longest was finding paper that I wanted to use and deciding how big I wanted my flowers. 🙂

Do you have a product that you would like me to feature or try? Please leave me a comment so I can make things that you are interested in or just want some inspiration for. Or have you made a project that you want to share with me and inspire me then share it with me leave me a comment with a link to your blog or post a picture on our Facebook page, or Google+ Paper Crafting Fanatics page. I can’t wait to see what you have created. Save big on Sizzix dies as well as Sizzix embossing folders. Also, check out the latest and greatest with Sizzix machines.

Happy creating!

Christmas Kitsch Cricut Cartridge Ideas

by Richelle NaegleChristmas Kitsch Cricut CardsI am really Loving the NEW Anna Griffin Christmas Kitsch Cricut cartridge. Ideas for this cartridge are just swirling around in my head, and I just have so much I want to make with this cartridge. My next project is a scrapbook layout. I know it’s not even Halloween yet, so I will wait but so you know it’s coming 🙂  Anyway back to this project! I was just going to make the one card but I seriously couldn’t decide which one to make, so I settled on making two of them.

They are both approximately  4″ x 5″ when folded. If you wanted to, you could get two cards out of one sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper. I used the Pebbles Home for Christmas paper stack! I love all of the fun designs in this bundle. It gives you more options, so everything is not completely red and green (although most of them have red and green on them). I recommend using Cricut Explore machines to write Wishing you a Merry Christmas on the envelope. I used the Type Candy Font cartridge and it’s about 0.75″. I thought this was great if you wanted to you could have your return address or the to address written on your envelopes as well. May save you some time if you don’t like to hand write them or put a label on them.

That’s it for these cards. Like I said, this is one of my favorite new Cricut cartridges. I really LOVE the Christmas Kitsch cartridge and all the fun images on it, and I definitely will be making more Christmas crafts with it this year! Have you made anything with this cartridge yet? If you have share them with me I want to see what images you had to create immediately! The more Christmas Kitsch Cricut cartridge ideas, the merrier. And remember to save on all Christmas Cricut cartridges.

Happy creating!

How to Make A Halloween Wreath

by Richelle Naegleribbon wreath

For this Halloween Ribbon wreath I would suggest gathering some of your crafty (and not so crafty friends) over to make this one together. That’s what I did this weekend. I invited 4 friends over and had everyone bring six or seven of their favorite Halloween colored ribbon, and a wreath. We put all the ribbon in the middle of the table and then just shared that way we had a nice large selection of fun colors and styles of ribbon to work with. Even though we all used the same ribbon, it all turned out completely different. You’re gonna love how the Halloween wreath ideas just come to you when you start looking at ribbon patterns.

Some wanted to maintain a more simple pattern, and one only used the wide ribbons. As for me, I just used what ever someone wasn’t using at the time and made sure that no two orange or blacks were together. Other than that, I just did it as random as I could. Honestly I don’t think that there is a wrong way to do these. The only way you fail is by not taking on the challenge.

The Supplies You Will Need:

  • Wreath – I used a 12″ foam wreath, however you could also use straw or even create your own using the foam noodle or re-purpose an old one.
  • Ribbon – lots and lots of ribbon
  • Scissors

How To Make a Ribbon Wreath

Wrap your wreath in a nice wide ribbon. We did orange just to make sure that if there was a “bare spot”, you wouldn’t see the wreath underneath. Then wrap your ribbon around the wreath to your desired length and tie it in a double knot and trim. Then continue around the wreath until it’s completely covered.

I found that if I did the wide width ribbons first and then came back with the thinner ones to fill it in, it worked best for me. Don’t forget to make an extra long one so that you can hang your wreath. Total time to make this was about an hour and half, granted I was chatting and crafting so it may take longer or quicker depending on how much you chat!

This craft was super easy, and could get expensive if you were doing it on your own. Ribbon cost adds up fast and you definitely need lots of it. If you decide to create a Halloween Ribbon Wreath or any other Halloween Wreaths, I would love to see them. Post it on our Facebook page or on Google+ Paper Crafting Fanatics Page so I can check them all out. Hopefully this was helpful in teaching you how to make a Halloween wreath. Remember to save on all craft tools online.

Happy Halloween creating!

Holly and Ivy Cricut Cartridge Ideas

by Richelle NaegleIvy and holly Cricut Cartridge ideas

Are you ready to start creating Christmas crafts yet? I’m not but I know that a lot of you are already making yule tide cards and crafts. Couple that with the fact that there is this new Holly and Ivy Cricut cartridge that just came out and you know me…I want to try all the new cartridges and see what fun images they offer. This snowflake image I loved a lot. It’s kind of ambiguous, because it doesn’t necessarily make you think of Christmas, meaning if you used other colors it would be appropriate for use on other holidays or events (like a fun background for a Birthday card or something like that).

We carry all kinds of Christmas Cricut cartridges, so if you already have this cartridge, shop around and try new things.

For this card I made the patterned cardstock base 4.5″ x 4.5″ and the snowflake is cut out at 4″ with all four layers. Cricut Explore machines have a draw option on them. I used the draw option, however you can’t even tell because it is the exact same as the silver over the top, so if you wanted to only cut out two layers and then draw the top one you could easily do that (but if you are cutting out all three layers don’t do the the drawn one because it’s was useless).

NOTE: The images on this cartridge have the draw feature for the top layer so if you wanted to make simple projects with that great detail and not have to glue the third layer this feature is awesome 🙂

Ready to inspire me? Do you have some great Holly and Ivy Cricut cartridge ideas swirling around in your head, be sure to share them with me I can’t wait to see what you all have created with this fun new cartridge. Save on the best from Cricut. Check out our large selection of Christmas scrapbook paper.

Happy creating!